Dear aidsvancouver,
Thx alot for this site that provide a lot of information which I am usually look at it.
Befor 12 weeks I hav protected contact for few min and unprotected oral sex and deep French kisses..
I start hav symptom..a lot of symptom which is last to today...but am not gona listed because tested over symptom...
I have tested :
1. 27 days rapid test
2. 38 (5 weeks) combi test 4th gn by Roche elecsys e411
3. 6 week  combi test 4th gn by Roche elecsys 2010
4. 12 weeks mark  combi test 4th gn by Roche elecsys 2010 
I have 2 question which make me concern a lot:
1. Does my test ( roche elecsys 2010 combi test ) are relible and approved and should trust it
2. Dose my test conclusive and should I put HIV behind me 
Thx a lot and best wishes,, looking forward to hearing from u..
Hi there and thank you for using AIDS Vancouver as your source of HIV/AIDS related information.
There are no specific symptoms or signs for HIV infections - some people might experience a strong flu-like illness 2-6 weeks after infection but not all people do, and some might experience other kinds of illness. Therefore, by looking at the symptoms cannot tell whether or not you have HIV. Rather, testing is the only way to know and you have done that already.
1. Roche Elecsys 2010 Combi Testis also known as 4th Generation EIA test. It is a blood test that looks for both antibodies and P24 protein antigens, and has a window period of 4-12 weeks. If being conducted during or after the window period, the test can detect up to 99.9% of infections. That is, your tests results are highly reliable unless you encounter a high-risk exposure after receiving the 4th Generation EIA.
2. The Rapid Test  and 3 4th Generation EIA tests  you have received 5 weeks - 12 weeks after possible exposure are highly conclusive and indicate that you are free from HIV. The international standards for the length of window periods for all HIV tests is maximum 3 months (12 weeks). any test conducted at 3 months after exposure is considered to be conclusive and no retest is needed. That is because your body has enough HIV-specific antibodies and P24 antigens for the test by that time. You should not be worry about HIV infection anymore since your test results are all negative.
Meanwhile, I would like to mention that protected sexual intercourse, receiving/giving unprotected oral sex, and French kissing can rarely transmit HIV. There has been no finding of HIV infections due to the above activities, except for giving oral sex which has a few reports. That is because the only way to transmit HIV is to encounter unprotected intercourse and sharing injective drugs, which both involve the exchange of body fluids with the absence of air.
Therefore, your low-risk activities and negative tests results can tell you that you do not have HIV. Symptoms might due to other facts such as stress. I recommend you to talk to your family doctor if sickness continues to exist. If there is any concern or question, feel free to reach us again.
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