I am now extremely nervous since the condom broke(my glans have facial contact with the virgina but less than 60 seconds) while having sex with a prostitute. Right after finding out the condom was broke, I change with a new one. The prostitute, afterwards, calms she regularly checks for STD/HIV and the result is negative, but it could be a lie. How is the chance of getting any sex related diseases. I am now feeling extremely regretful..

Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source for HIV/AIDS related information. I am sorry to hear about your situation and I will try to help you the best that I can.

First, I am glad to hear that you used a condom. Condoms are the best and most effective way to protect yourself from all STI's, including HIV. The use of a condom means that your encounter was a low risk for HIV transmission. With that said, I am sorry to hear that the condom broke. Having the condom break increases your chances for HIV transmission from a low risk to a high risk situation. In this situation, AIDS Vancouver recommends HIV testing to ensure your status and if needed, to receive treatment as soon as possible to give you the best health outcomes.

You did not state the date of your encounter but if it is within 72 hours, you could be eligible to take Post Exposure Prophylaxis, also known as PEP. This is medication given to people who have had a single encounter that puts them at risk for HIV. It is can only be taken within 72 hours of the exposure because after this point, PEP is no longer effective. PEP must be taken strictly for 28 days so it will be most effective and you must return for repeat HIV testing to ensure your status. PEP is available in Canada through the emergency room and some testing sites. If you would like to know more about [PEP](, please read the link provided.

If this encounter was more than 72 hours, HIV testing is still recommended. In British Columbia, an early test is available for high risk exposures that have occurred within the past 10-12 days. This test is called the Early Test or Pooled RNA Test. If your encounter was within this time frame, you may ask for this test. Please know that the Early Test does not provide conclusive results as it is simply an early detection tool to determine if you have HIV. All HIV tests are considered conclusive at 3 months or 12 weeks after your last high risk exposure.

If you live in British Columbia, you may refer to this [Clinic Finder]( to help locate an HIV test site nearby. If you live in any other regions of Canada, you may use this [HIV Test Site Finder]( or if you live in the United States, you may use the [CDC Test Site Locator]( Please note that some of these test sites may also be able to provide you with access to PEP. If you live outside of North America, I encourage you to speak to your local medical professional regarding your HIV exposure, testing and PEP.

I hope I have answered your questions. If you have further concerns or any more questions, please feel free to contact us through the Online Helpline or give us a call (toll-free) at 1-844-463-6448.
Good luck with your testing!

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