I have had multiple( 3 ) encounters with street prostitutes over the last 3 months.During two out of these three occasions i had these prostitutes perform protected oral sex on me, But one time i received a blowjob with no condom on. I also had protected vaginal sex with these prostitutes, and as far i am am concern the condoms did not break in any of these 3 occasions. Now a couple of weeks later after these incidents I am having extreme fatigue an a mild sore throat. Am i at risk of contracting HIV? ASSUMING that these prostitute were HIV positive what is my HIV risk after having vaginal sex with them with a condom? What is my risk from the unprotected oral sex incident??? Help me Please.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to look into my concerns.Great Job guys
Should I get tested? Why do people ( other sites) say that condoms are only 80% protective of hiv??? Sorry for all these questions I'm just really nervous.
Hi there,
Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline for HIV/AIDS related information.

First of all, a sex worker is not necessarily at a higher risk for HIV than anyone else. Anyone can transmit HIV, no matter what age, occupation, ethnicity, or gender. It is the activity (i.e. unprotected anal/vaginal intercourse, needle sharing) that poses an HIV risk, not the person.
I will start by addressing your question about receiving unprotected oral sex. Your risk of HIV transmission from this activity is negligible. This means that although there has been some mix of body fluids, there has never been a confirmed case of HIV being transmitted in this manner. One of the reasons for this is that saliva has an enzyme that inhibits the growth of HIV.
In terms of your risk from protected vaginal sex, great job on using a condom, as this is one of the best ways to prevent the transmission of HIV. Your risk from this activity is low. The reason for information that you see regarding the 80% rate of protection is mainly due to human error, such as condoms breaking, expired condoms, and improper removal. Also, be aware that many websites that provide HIV/AIDS information are out of date, misinformed, and sometimes sensationalized. For accurate information, we recommend that you check out our website, as well as these other examples:,,

Although your risk is low from this activity, we do recommend that all sexually active individuals get tested for all STIs including HIV on a regular basis as part of their regular health maintenance.

I trust I have addressed your concerns. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us again.

Thank you,

Sandra, AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer


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