HI Vancouver Helpline,
First i want to thank you for all the Volunteer work you are doing. It really means a lot to be able to answer all these questions.
I am male living in UAE. On 24 September i did a mistake of my life, i had sex with a prostitute. I felt something was wrong and i found that the condom was broke. I have no clue if the condom broke before one minute or before one second. I directly pulled out, took a shower and told the girl to leave.
*After 3 days, i went and met my doctor and he did a full check for me and the tests came negative even the urine test. with no infection.
*After 5 days again i also went and saw another STD specialist doctor and also did a full check with urine test and again the tests came negative (full tests means all HIV included).
*After 7 days again i went and did the PCR RNA test for HIV 1 & 2 and also the test results came undetectable. The dr said do not worry, and the PCR RNA test is one of the best tests world wide for HIV detection. And if the HIV virus was there. Then they would have detected it.
*On Day 10 again i did an HIV test and the test came negative.
*On Day 17 I did another HIV test antibody test with P24 Antigen and also it came negative and also i did a PCR RNA test which i am still waiting for its result.
*On Day 18 after exposure I went and did a full check for all STDs with a professional MD (I did around 6 tests and one swab including HIV antibody one and two and a full blood test and urine test. All tests were negative. The Dr. said to calm down and that if anything was serious at least in one of the tests should have been positive.
I am going crazy and about 2 weeks after my wrong act, i got a very extreme bad headache, with rash on my chest and back, legs and elbow pain, but with no fever. From that time i am not feeling good anymore. The elbow pain still there, the rash still there, I have a very sore throat.
I have read a lot of articles online and i can see that there is a great confusion concerning HIV and that lead also made me confused. Each link mentions different kinds of information. Some links Say that a PCR RNA test is very accurate after 10 days. Your guidelines are PCR RNA tests are only from Week 2 to week 3. MY Doctor says 7 days are accurate.
I am on day 22 after my crazy act i am very sick, all the symptoms are there. I feel so bloody miserable, my arms hurt because of all the needle test pricks and i end reading more confusing information because truthfully i feel that nobody in the whole world knows anything about HIV - Just different information scattered left and right. I am sorry to act in such a way but really i am clueless. I do tests and more tests and then i end up reading that it is not conclusive. Then no need to make tests, if the tests are not conclusive. The FDA mentions different information, the WHO mentions completely something different.
My Question please If i do another PCR RNA test HIV 1 and 2, with antibody one and two and p24 antigen on day 24 after exposure. May i consider these tests as final. I mean these are 3 different methods. What are the chances of being positive and not knowing about it with 3 different tests. I mean by now i prefer knowing if i am sick or not. My symptoms are persistent, sore throat that is not healing. Pain in the elbows. Rash on my chest and back, extreme bad headache the comes and goes.
Thanks for your help again.
Hi there,

Thank you for choosing the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source of information.

First of all, I would like to address your symptoms.There are no clinical symptoms associated with HIV. This means that no consistent physical symptoms have been observed among people with HIV. With that being said, some infected individuals do experience a strong flu-like illness 2-3 weeks post exposure, and this last for about 8-10 days. However, some infected individuals experience no symptoms at all.
The symptoms you are experiencing could be very well associated with the high levels of anxiety and distress you are experiencing.

As for your encounter with the commercial sex worker; sex worker is not necessarily at a higher risk for HIV than anyone else. Anyone can pass HIV, regardless of age, occupation, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. It is the activity (i.e. unprotected anal/vaginal intercourse and needle sharing) that poses an HIV risk.
Protected vaginal/anal intercourse is a low risk activity, and the breakage of the condom does elevate the risk of acquiring HIV.

The 4th Generation DUO/COMBO (p24 antigen and antibody) test is produces very accurate results at 6 weeks post possible exposure. Many HIV specialists consider this test to be the leading HIV tests available right now. With that being said, the World Health Organization guidelines consider testing to be all conclusive at 84 days (12 weeks).

I cannot comment on the chances of you being HIV positive. This is a very technical question and impossible to answer.

I understand that going through all these tests is daunting. We suggest that you do the 4th Generation test at 6 weeks post possible exposure and to get retested at 12 weeks. If the results come back as negative, then you certainly are HIV negative.

As far as your symptoms go, we recommend that you reach out to a health care professional in your area, and discuss them in terms not related to HIV.

You may find the following website to be helpful and may answer some questions that you have: [Smart Sex Resource. ](

In health,

Moe, AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer.


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