hi, would a small scrape on the shaft of the penis, right under the end of the Head of the penis ( the part covered by foreskin).. Would that create access to the blood stream and cause hiv transmission? In addition, i had unprotected sex...with an average girl, not a sex worker. I didnt have any cuts but it got dry and felt a bit of scrapping...did not see any blood. I know there is risk through the urethra but I am very curious about a small scratch on the penis shaft. I was given and hiv 1 and 2 a+b or something like that test after six weeks... it was negative...the dr did not explain to me what version of the test this was.. I am nervous to go back though since i felt sick right after i got my negative result
Hello, and thanks a lot for your question to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

It seems you are nervous about the possibility of HIV being transmitted through an encounter you had. We will provide you with some information here that will hopefully ease your concerns.

Unprotected sex is considered a high risk activity, regardless of the presence of any cuts or scrapes on your penis. This means that most recorded HIV transmissions have occurred through activities such as these, but does not mean a transmission occurred in this case.

You also mention you've had what sounds like an antibody HIV test 6 weeks after the encounter you're concerned about. Here is a bit of information on the antibody test:

You'll notice that up to 95% of infections are detectable by this test after 6 weeks, so this is a really good indicator of your status at this time. We would, however, recommend you go for another test at least 12 weeks after the potential exposure. This test will indicate your status conclusively.

We would also encourage you to always use a condom for your encounters to prevent the transmission of HIV and other STIs. Check out one of our favourite resources at [SmartSex ]( proper condom use, and for other sexual health information.

Thanks a lot for your question to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline, we hope this answered your questions fully.


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Test Name Method Window Period Conditions
Enzyme Immunoassay Antibody (EIA) 3rd Generation (ELISA) Blood test that looks for antibodies. Up to 95% of infections are detectable within 4-6 weeks post exposure. Most people develop detectable antibodies in 21-25 days. Most commonly available testing method. Conclusive at 3 months post exposure. |