I had symptoms of hiv exactly three days after having sex and the condom broke and since than the symptoms have not stopped. I had a hiv test at six weeks (44 days) and twelve weeks (86 days) and both have came back negative. I am pretty sure I have hiv because none of these symptoms appeared until after having sex. My doctor says that they are (health) anxiety related but that does not make since because all of these symptoms happened before I even thought about hiv and started getting anxious about thinking I have it... you know what I mean? Anxiety does not sound like it could be the reason. So I do not know what is going on, I want to get a test at six months but now I am really reaaally scared that the results might change to positive. My main thing is that I just don't understand how all of these hiv related symptoms (though according to you all there are none) happened exactly three days after having sex and I have had two negative test so far, shouldn't it have picked the antibodies up by now if I am really truly infected? And plus these hiv symptoms that have been going on for what is about to be five months now are persistent. Before all of this happened I was a relatively healthy person and now my health is getting very bad and I am extremely concerned. Please give me your opinion, what do you all think is going on in my situation, what should I do? Are my results accurate, should I trust them? I am baffled about my test results vs my symptoms. They are not adding up.
Hi there and thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline forum.

It sounds like you're worried about some symptoms you've been having and the accuracy of your HIV test results.

HIV test results are considered to be conclusive when the test is taken 12 weeks (3 months) following exposure. So the HIV tests you've taken can be considered to be conclusive.

In regards to the symptoms you've been experiencing, at AIDS Vancouver we do not go by symptoms as an indicator of HIV. This is because symptoms can be present for any number of reasons that are not related to HIV. The fact that your symptoms started following a sexual experience does not mean that they are caused by HIV. My suggestion would be to partner with your doctor in figuring out the cause of your symptoms and hopefully treating them as well.

I understand that breaking a condom can be a scary experience, but your HIV test results can rule out HIV as a cause of the symptoms you've been experiencing. For information on other STI's you can check out [](

For more information about HIV you can always check out the AIDS Vancouver website as well.

I hope this information answers your questions and helps with your worries.

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