I am a male 28 years old. I did sex with a girl from Vitenam I met her in a bar in Malaysia. I used 2 condoms during the vaginal sex. I didn't notice if the condom was cut or not. then she did oral sex to me without condom and I sucked her nipples. after that I started to read about HIV on internet and was very very worried. After a month I took a bath eith Dittol foam. that was my first time to use it. Immediately some red spots appeared on my skin and disappeared after some minutes. After that small boils appeared on my arms and legs. I took antihistamine and after 8 days the boils disappeared. then I start to check my lymph nodes. Sometimes I felt they were normal but sometimes I felt a small swollwen one on my armpit and my thigh. 7 weeks post exposure I did a hiv 1 &2 ag ab based on ECLIA the result was not detected. VDRL was negative. Gonorrhoea negative. herpes type 2 negative. but herpes type 1 positive. Is my result conclusive? Must I do the test again 3 months post exposure?
Hi there and thank you for bringing up your question to the AIDS Vancouver helpline,

It sounds like you are a bit distressed because of your experience in Malaysia. You did a great thing for your health by getting tested and also using protection during sex. We are glad you were being extra careful, but, for future reference, using two condoms can increase the likelihood of both condoms breaking due to friction; [using one condom properly]( is known to be the most reliable way to prevent an exchange of body fluids.

It is good to know you used protection during vaginal sex. Having vaginal sex with a condom has a low risk of HIV transmission, the risk actually comes from human error (like if it is broken or not properly fitted).

Receiving oral sex has a negligible risk (this means that there has been no confirmed reports of transmission).

As with sucking on her nipples, that is a no risk activity as there is no exchange of body fluids taking place.

It is important to know that the only way to know if you have acquired HIV is to get tested. We do not recommend going by symptoms of HIV. This is because HIV can mirror other viral infections.

So, from what you have told me you got tested 7 weeks post exposure. Many HIV specialists consider the ab/ag ECLIA test to be conclusive 6 weeks post-exposures. However it is recommended in Canada to get retested at 3 months (12 weeks) post exposure for 99.9% accurate results.

I can only provide you with detailed information on testing and transmission of HIV. It is best to talk to your health care provider about the symptoms you are experiencing and other questions about STI test results.
I have one website you can visit for more information on STIs: []( You can give it a read and then talk to your doctor about further questions you have.

If you live in the BC area and have further questions about HIV, you can give our helpline a call! Also feel free to visit our website for more information on testing and transmission. I hope I was able to alleviate some discomfort you have been having.


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