thanks for your help my exposure ( unprotected oral and vaginal with a sw in an asian country )
i have undergone more than 46 times HIV1/2+ HIV1+O/2 Elisa and rapid tests for a year. exactly 1 year i am taking all these tests weekly once every week, i lost all my money, all tests came back negative.. many symptoms specially

I developed Folliculitis at the 4th month of exposure. at the 11th month they start to become less active... also my wife the same idea, she had 3 times hiv1/2 Elisa and 4th gen compo test history as this 43 days of our sex "after my exposure 3 days" then she had the rapid test at the 6th month, then finally her last test at the 12 month hiv ag/ab all
my issue is that my cd4 is very fast dropping. on the 6th month of my exposure it was cd4% 42%. on the 9th

month of exposure was CD4 37% count 1080 then on the 11th month cd4% 28% count 701.. at the 4th month of

my exposure i had hiv rna by TAQMAN PROB less than 16 iu/ml lower than detection limit.. the same time had

negative Cobas hiv antibody... then again at the 9.5th month, HIV rna by TAQMAN PROB less than 10iu/ml lower

than detection limit... the same time hiv COBAS antibody negative!
I and my wife last time hiv test was at 12 months of exposure hiv ag/ab

by CMIA negative!!.. also my wife developed the Folliculitis too, my jaw lymph hurt and little big on the

left side.... please help me! what is going on with us??
I have tested for VRDL at the 10th

month negative, TUBERCULLIN skin test positive at the 11th

Note: my exposure was in China 12 months ago and now i am in EGYPT.. i

had 20 times hiv1/2 antibodies tests in China for 8 months after exposure all negative

and the rest in Egypt. the 2 rna tests also in Egypt till 12 months was my last test hiv ag/ab by CMIA negative..
Hi there, thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline for HIV and AIDS related information.

The simple answer to your question is that you do NOT have HIV! Any HIV test administered 3 months or longer after an exposure is considered absolutely conclusive! You can accept all your negative test results as being conclusive and accurate! You can put this all behind you.

With respect to the symptoms you described, there are no clinically defined symptoms associated with the HIV virus. Any symptoms you are experiencing could be due to any number of things, including stress! The only way you can determine your HIV status is by testing, which you have done! Your CD4 count could be dropping due to a variety of reasons or conditions (HIV is not the cause in your case as you have been tested negative!). If your symptoms persist you may want to consider consulting your health care professional.

Based on the number of times you have been tested it sounds like you are experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety. I hope that this email will help alleviate your stress, you no longer need to worry about HIV, you are not HIV positive. If you continue to experience a lot of stress regarding HIV, you may want to consider seeking support from family, friends, or a health care professional.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us again.

In health,

Arne, AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer


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