In 2013, i did unprotected vaginal sex with a commercial sex worker.
After three months i got sick for 21 days it was all unexplained.
After 6 months, i got gastritis and still have it.
in Jan 2014 i got phyrengitis and still have it.
in 2015 i got facial parotid burning and still have it.
in Dec 2015 i got ear blockage problem and still have it
in 2016 my back got sensitive to air , its a burning kind of sensation and still have it and later in the same year i got chest pain issue and still have it, its one of my very bad symptoms which has disturbed my whole life.
in 2017 i used to get the cervical pain, when doctors did MRI, they showed something called up cervical lymphadenopathy and still have it..

i have had no other exposure after this incident other than my wife.

so all my issues i mentoined above phyrengitis, ear blockage, parotid heaviness and parotid burning, back burning, chest pain and cervical lymphadenopathy .. they all still persists and have disturbed the quality of my life.. specially my chest pain, cervical lymphadenopathy and parotid burning.

I did test for HIV via 4th gen Eclia test in 2013 - 3 months post exposure negative.
again HIV test via 4th gen Eclia test in 2013 - 8 month post exposure negative.
Tested 16 months in 2014 via Ehanced Chemlum - negative
Tested at somewhere in 2015 via Elisa - negative, my test range was 0.2453 , cutoff value 1.

in 2014 i got married and my wife has become so weak ever since after marrying me, she got the nails problem and After a year to our married she got measles and now she has got the kidney problem.

i have developed so many neurological problems now.. i swear i never used to go to the doctor or never got that much of sick and now whatever is problem is diagnosed, its becoming permanent ... doctors are unable to resolve. i never told my doctors about my HIV exposure to confuse them.

do i need any other test? to be honest i am so much afraid to go for the testing now..


Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about whether you should receive further HIV testing as you are concerned about your HIV status, given the High Risk encounter you had in 2013.

From the information given, you appear to be suffering from a number of physical ailments, to which you assume are HIV related symptoms. Above, you have provided detailed information of the testing you have received thus far. Based on your testing information, it would appear as though your HIV status at the time of your last test result would have been conclusively negative. Official HIV testing guidelines recommend re-testing up to 12 weeks post exposure (in which you appear to have reached at the time of your last test) (1).

This information would lead us to assume that your HIV status is conclusively negative.

However, it is important if you remain sexually active that both you and your partner seek regular HIV testing to assure your status. There are other ways of acquiring HIV than through unprotected vaginal sex. For sexually active individuals, however, it is recommended that you receive regular HIV screening every 3-6 months depending on the activities you are engaging in.

The symptoms you have described appear to be serious, and may require more comprehensive medical attention. It is not entirely possible to equate these symptoms to a positive HIV status without adequate testing confirmation. By the appearance of your test results, your symptoms are not a result of a positive HIV status.

In this circumstance, we Recommend that both you and your partner receive adequate HIV screening regularly, and refer to a physician for more comprehensive health related answers regarding other conditions.

All the best,

AIDS Vancouver Online/Helpline, Cody



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