Hello, could you aquire hiv from french kissing an hiv possitive person? Also, I always had protected sex (condom). is there any risk with using a condom. The only thing i have not used protection is while giving oral sex and far as intercourse goes I always used condoms.... I had a hiv 1and 2 a plass b test at kaiser after five weeks and five days...came out negative but 3 days after i tested i started feeling a sore throat and neck pain. in fact i had a bit of swelling on the left side of my neck and a dry cough that lasted a whole month. It started to freak me out. The dry cough lasted a long time...the sore throat was only a day or two.
MY DR told me to come back in six almost at the six month mark but im scared to death
Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline

It seems as though you are feeling some distress regarding acquiring HIV from an encounter with a HIV positive partner.

From the activities you describe, there is a low risk for transmission. Kissing is actually a no risk activity, and so you have no reason to be concerned about kissing your partner. Performing oral sex is considered low risk, which is the same risk level as sex with a condom, and this is because there have been *a few* reported cases of HIV transmission from these activities, and usually under certain identifiable conditions.

I feel it's important to mention that many people living with HIV can now reach a clinically 'undetectable' level of the virus, which means that there is even lower risk of transmission to a partner. If you wish to continue a relationship with a positive partner, then we can work with you to help you maintain a negative status whilst still having a normal and fulfilling relationship. Please contact our [Health Promotion]( team if you would like more information.

Your test at almost 6 weeks will be a good indicator of your status. Modern antibody tests can detect up to 95% of cases of new infections at 4-6 weeks after an exposure. In Canada we say that results are conclusive at 3 months post exposure, however, if your partner is known to be positive, some doctors may request a six month follow up to be conservative. Equally, testing guidelines are based on the accessibility of testing, and so if your facility cannot access the most modern tests, it may be necessary to re-test at 6 months for a conclusive result. This is an important conversation to have with your doctor - if you know which test is being used, then we can provide more information on testing timeframes.

I hope that this information helps to reduce your stress.

Very best wishes

Wendy (Volunteer)

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