My erection always dies out whenever i put on condom... It was a sex worker... first she gave me a hard and rash blowjob... i tried to do it with condom but i failed three times... out of frustration, i got on top of her without condom and rubbed my penis on to her vagina for at least 10 minutes... then suddenly i realized that my penis got into her... the moment i realized that i pulled it out... you can say it stayed inside her for at least 2-3 second... ...4-5 days after that encounter i spotted red spots on tip of my penis... i was getting worse every day... i went to a doctor... he diagnosed it as candidiasis(yeast infection)... and also suggested me to take HIV test after 4 weeks from the encounter and repeat it after 12 weeks... my candidiasis got OK after few days and i took 4 week hiv test it came back negative... but im still worried about my next test... suppose that sex worker has HIV what are the chances that my next test will come negative... and when should i take it again... now its my 5th week after the exposure... please help!!
Hello and thank you for choosing the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source of HIV-related information.

First and foremost, HIV or STI do not discriminate based on characteristics of an individual (age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, occupation or any other socioeconomic status). Rather, it is the activity one engages in (unprotected anal/vaginal sex or sharing needles) that poses a high risk for HIV acquisition. Generally speaking, commercial sex workers have a routine STI test and know their status.

One could lose erection if he is wearing a too tight condom. You may want to try different brands. It may be helpful to know that there is an insertive condom (so called 'female' condom) which can be inserted into a vagina or anus. Because of the material made from, once it is heated with the body temperature, people feel like not wearing anything. You cannot force someone to use it, but it may be an option for you if an insertive condom is available to you. It seems like you take charge of your health and make the best decision for yourself (in this case, not engaging in intercourse because a condom doesn't work for you). I encourage you to find a condom that fit you best.

Candida (yeast infection) is caused by imbalance of normal bacteria which everyone has; thus this is not really a sexually transmitted infection (STI). With that said, it is very common among women and it can be causes by stress, diet, cold and so on. For more information about STIs, please check the link:

Because you did not engaged in unprotected sex but your penis got into her vagina, it is a low risk. Your test at 4 weeks is an indicator of your status, with up to 95% of infections being detectable within 4-6 weeks. As your doctor suggested, I also encourage you to follow-up at 12 weeks to obtain a conclusive result. Based on the activity of your concern, a result at 12 weeks will likely be same as the one at 4 weeks.

Hopefully you find the information helpful.
Let us know if you have any other questions/concerns.

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