Thanks a lot team for the work you people are doing.

I had a sex with CSW . She looked healthy . While having sex the condom got punctured and she was the one who said the condom is broken . So then we changed the punctured condom and After we were done everything was ok . But after 3-4 days when I was masturbating i felt the slight pain on my penis and with in next 2-3 days I got some white substance coming out of Penis and I felt burning sensation while Peeing . So the next day I went to the Doc . HE gave me Disodium Hydrogen Citrate syrup for UTI and Fluconazole 200 Mg tab and Eberconazole 1% for Fungal Infection he diagnosed . He also asked about if I had any Sexual contact and I said yes. He was ok with it .
After 5 days there was a much of improvement . But yeast was still seen at my Penis . So I thought to change the doctor . My new doctor said that I am suffering from Balanoposthitis and he changed my pills and said me to come after 4 weeks with test of HIV . I am very scared and I don,t know what to do . I have read alot about the symptoms of HIV on net . I am in my 3rd week of the sexual exposure . And i feel like I have been suffering from symptoms like Sweating in Palms and in body at night and 3-4 rashes on my body including two on my hand and there is alot of back ache rest I dont see any other symptoms . Please help me I am very depressed

Thanks in Advance
Hello and thank your for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

We understand that you are worried that you may have acquired HIV when your condom failed during vaginal sex with a sex worker. Vaginal sex with a condom is considered a Low Risk activity for transmission of HIV. Activities in this category present a potential for HIV transmission, and there have been a few reports of infection attributed to these activities. Condom failure would further increase the risk of a transmission, as would the presence of other sexually transmitted infections. Research suggests that STIs can increase both a HIV-negative person’s risk of becoming infected with HIV and an HIV-positive person’s risk of transmitting HIV to someone else. (1)

The symptoms you describe as pain on your penis, white substance, and burning sensation while peeing, all within the first week post encounter are typically not symptoms of HIV infection, and are more likely caused by another sexually transmitted infection. The other symptoms you describe such as sweating from your palms and back ache are somewhat vague and you should not assume that they are caused by HIV. While its possible that they are linked to an HIV infection, its also possible that they are related to the anxiety you are experiencing over this situation, or some other source. The only way to know for sure is through HIV testing.

You mentioned that the CSW "looked healthy". You probably already know this, but i would like to point out that a person's appearance is not a reliable indicator of their HIV status.

Recommendation: HIV testing is recommended for all low risk encounters. Fourth-generation HIV tests can detect HIV infection in 50% of people by 18 days after infection; 95% of people by 34 days after infection; and 99% of people by one and a half months after infection. These tests have a sensitivity of 99.9%. (2) Please consider avoiding sexual contact until this window period has passed, and you have been tested for HIV.

AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer, Dyson

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