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I had 3 times unprotected sex with the same person who is HIV positive. First time was hardly 2 seconds, 2nd time was 30 seconds or so and 3rd time for 15 mins approx, all on different days. When I first met her she told me that she has lost lot of weight with natural medicines. After our last meet I was terrified and things started to pop up in my mind that loosing weight could be because of HIV and the way she has sex with me looks she is a sex addict and must be doing the same with everyone out there. So I then secretly consulted other girls around the same place, who than informed me that she is mad about sex and people have reported she even drinks sperm and offers free sex to people who comes for massage, also got to know that she was very obese initially and had lost weight tremendously.

After being terrified with these news I went back to her this time with a condom, and went as if a regular sex meet. Before starting I told her about my anxiety since past few weeks and my worries, but she clearly refused to be HIV positive and saw a complete new side of her by the way she then talked and reacted as if I asked her what she's got. After that I returned home and couldn't get sleep in the night thinking about my wife, and also couldn't make any physical relationship with her. On the 19th day of last exposure without condom, I went ahead and took an early test of PCR RNA and p24 antibidy, but the lab said it will take 4-5 days for the result. So I went to another lab and tested myself with ELISA which looked like a pregnancy tester strip and the lab put my blood on it and said it is negative. I am now sure that preexposure with her I was not infected. But right now, as there is 3-4 days more to go for the results of PCR RNA and p24 test I am dying with guilt and anxiety. I am restless, I need help to find how are my chances against the odds. And what else would cause here severe weightloss? If HIV, then what stage would it have been? I am dying with questions.

PS: a lesson learned that will never ever do it without a condom, never ever.
Hi there, thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline with your questions. We're happy to help!

I just want to note that here at AIDS Vancouver, we encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own sexual choices and actions, instead of pinning the blame on their partners or other individuals and making assumptions about their HIV or STI status. Doing so based on demographics only adds to the stigma associated with HIV, and that's one that we're working hard to reduce in order to promote healthy living and safety for everyone, regardless of HIV status! I'm glad you have realized that using a condom is the best way to protect yourself against STIs like HIV though, that's great!

Unprotected sex is considered to be a High Risk activity. Testing is the only way to be sure of your HIV status, so great job on taking the initiative to go and get tested! The early PCR test and p24 antigen test are most accurate within the first 3 weeks of infection, so your 19 day test would have been highly accurate. Additionally, most people develop detectable antibodies between 21-25 days post exposure, for ELISA tests or rapid tests.

There are many factors that could cause weight loss, i wouldn't have enough information in this situation to comment, so I would just advise you to focus on your own test results and protecting yourself by having safe sex! Good luck with your HIV testing, and for more information, please visit and

I hope this helped!



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