So, I am a guy and I did anal protected with a man and oral unprotected. the guy ejaculated on my chest where I hadn't any wound, I took a bit of that semen with my finger and putted on my tongue, I have to specify I hadn't any injury, wound or really small injury, or an injury who was on healing on the mouth, after the sex, that day I washedmy mouth with mouth water colagate who hadn't a strong mint taste or burn effect but it gived an mint taste on my mouth, I also did a hot shower, now is the 31` day after the contact with that guy who did hiv test in 2018 june and it was negative, he told me he hasn't and a guy told me he heard he has, I asked more person and they don't know about him, I did this sex on a vacantion on another city, this is the 32 day and I bitted my tongue strong, is there an chance it may give me hiv and the hiv survived on my tongue 32 days during my routine with washing mouth with colagte mouth water, washing my face with cold water and sometimes I cleaned my own teeths with colgate pasta who letted me with a strong mind taste in my mouth, I didn't knew about the pills anti hiv even if I heard right the second day after I had the sex with that person, to clearify in present it's the 32 day after the incident and after I bitted my tongue right after 20 mins I putted sanitary alcohol on my mouth and letted it there and now I feel my tongue is slowly burned a bit, please answer me I am worried, the knowledge is the cure for fear, and I miss the knowledge on this cause

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about acquiring HIV from engaging in protected anal sex, unprotected oral sex, and the survival of HIV within semen over a month period of time. From the information given, this scenario is determined to be Low Risk (Evidence of transmission occurs through these activities when certain conditions are met).

HIV transmission occurs when *bodily fluid containing HIV* has *direct access to the bloodstream* of an individual that is of HIV negative status through a High Risk, Low Risk, or Negligible Risk activity (2).

In this scenario the protected anal sex and unprotected oral sex are both considered to be Low Risk. This suggests that HIV transmission can occur if the right conditions are met. For the unprotected oral sex there is an exchange of bodily fluids which could possibly result in HIV transmission. When engaging in protected anal sex the main risk of HIV acquisition stems from the possible misuse or breakage of the condom (1).

The act of taking semen into the mouth without injury is a no risk scenario. You stated that you cut your mouth around a month later and was wondering about HIV survival for this long. HIV would not remain active over this period of time on your body (1). When bodily fluid containing HIV is exposed to the environment it quickly becomes inactive (1). The bodily fluid you are asking about would not be in your system a month later when you cut your mouth. This particular scenario is No Risk.

Recommendation: Refer to a health care provider for HIV testing.


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