I am in a nervous very desperate situation mentally over a stupid decision.

I am male and received an erotic massage from a male therapist. We were both nude. Alone with a great massage he also fingered my butt for several minutes a few times. I then turned and laid on my back. He was jacking and fingering me and I was jacking him. He cum before me and had a huge load. He shot onto my uncut penis and also hit my head. A small drop of cum landed in my mouth. I did not give him oral just jacked him. I also had a small cut on my finger which was covered by a small bandage. The sperm was also on my finger. I currently have a sinus infection and taking antibiotics after receiving a shot Sunday 1/17. I'm taking prednisone and the bottle says it lowers my immune system. The problem is the meds have my lips chapped and the inside of my mouth red and irritated. The therapist says he is hiv- and std free as of 4 weeks ago when he was tested. I've read over numerous post here but when I put the question in Google I got lots of conflicting information on my risk. Please help I am a very worrying type person along with being married.
I've never done anything like this and I'm very scared !!! Please help!
Also if I need to test how long do I have to wait and what test should I ask to be performed?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi there, thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver helpline with your HIV related questions/concerns. We're happy to help!

I understand this must have been a stressful situation, but I will break down some of the aspects for you so hopefully it will ease your worries a little bit!

Regarding the activities you described, here are the risk factors:

* Fingering your butt would be a Negligible Risk - what this means is that although you could technically make a case for it, there hasn't been a single case of HIV transmission in this way, so there isn't a reason to be concerned at all.

* Non-penetrative masturbation, aka handjobs, are a No Risk activity

* The small cut you described wouldn't pose any risk because in order for a cut to provide direct access to the bloodstream it must be rather severe. We describe it as a cut that is gushing blood, or one that requires immediate medical attention such as stitches.

* The semen flying into your mouth (or on your penis), even if your lips were chapped/etc. would be No Risk because HIV is inactivated and damaged as soon as it leaves the body and encounters the general environment. This is why direct contact (such as penetrative sex) is required for HIV transmission. Additionally, the same concept of a wound needing to be severe applies in this case, so chapped lips and irritated mouth wouldn't provide direct access to the bloodstream.

* The antibiotics/drugs you describe would not have any effect on this situation, especially since all the activities you described don't post any risk for HIV transmission.

So based on all of this information, there is no need to pursue HIV testing for this situation as you described it.

I will provide you with some basic information about HIV testing, however, since here at AIDS Vancouver we encourage all sexually active individuals to seek regular HIV testing. All HIV tests are considered conclusive at 12 weeks post exposure. That being said, most people develop detectable antibodies within 21-25 days, and HIV tests are around 95% accurate at just 4-6 weeks. Additionally, for early testing, tests that look for the actual genetic/protein material of the virus (instead of your own antibodies) are an option, as they are effective immediately up until 2-3 weeks post exposure. Those tests include the NAAT PCR test, the RNA NAAT "Early Test", and the 4th generation combo test that tests for Antigens and Antibodies.

I hope this helped! Please visit for more HIV information.



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