On September 21th i had unprotected sex with a women. I did not use a condom, and we went at it 3 times with me Ejaculating in her all 3 times. She said she was on pills, and i caught in the moment.

After the sex I really got paranoid and have had anxiety ever since. She had multiple partners before me and as far as i know she saw one person, for 7 months and never used a condoms with him. She saw another person whom she used a condom with and after that guy she saw a virgin 18 year old with no condom and then me also 18 year old.

11 days before we had sex, she had donated blood to Red Cross, and upon a lot research, i found out that Red Cross tests the blood for a lot of diseases which includes HIV with NAAT test. I read that its highly accurate has Red Cross indicates that there is a 1 in 2 million chances that a blood transfusion might contain HIV. She didn't receive any letter or phone call regarding finding anything in her blood after 2 months and she received her Donors card 3 weeks ago and has donated again a week ago.

As for me, i haven't noticed much symptoms and every little thing that happens to me, such has frog in the throat feeling or joint pain makes me thinks its due to HIV. I got test 16 days after for possible exposure using HIV AG/AB COMBO ASSAY with my doctor whom assured me I could not have contracted anything. after a week my anxiety came back and i lost my apatite and always scared thinking about my future. I dont get enoguh sleep because of thinking too much.

After the getting the HIV AG/AB COMBO ASSAY at day 16 which came back negative,i took a home OraQuick test at around day 38 which was negative. i got another 4th generation test at an STD clinic whom took my blood and sent it to a laboratory at day 44 which came back negative as well. Should i be worried accounting these 3 tests as well as the womens Blood Donation scenario.
Thank you for contacting AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source for HIV/AIDS related resource.
As you have identified, blood bank agencies have a strict protocols for testing donated blood for infectious diseases. Even though, you have been tested multiply times resulting in negative test results, as per the World Health Organization and AIDS Vancouver, it is recommended that HIV testing be done at 12 weeks post risk exposure for conclusive results. I suggest you follow up with your HIV testing at the prescribed time period. Also, at AIDS Vancouver, we encourage all sexually active individuals to include regular HIV testing and sexually transmitted infection testing at 3 months, 6 months, annually or bi-annually depending on one's circumstances.

I have also included several useful sexual health resources: smart sex resource ( and options for sexual health (

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