Hey ,

I will try to make it short . I was in my friend house and we decided to cook rather than pay fast food , we went to his kitchen and he started to cut the chicken while he was cutting the chicken he accidentally cut his finger and the cut look bad with blood coming out we went to his room to take care of his finger i asked him to relax and leave the cook for me . I went back to his kitchen and started to cut the chicken and i accidentally cut my self with the same knife i asked my friend about his health situation and he told me the last time he get testing about 1 year and half ago . ( The time between his cut and mine maximum 5 minute ) so if there is a blood in the knife it would be a bit wet .
friend sexy active has no regular girlfriend .. he went to Thailand twice in this year and i known from him he had a sex with some sex worker there . So i so believe he is a risky man

I know i am stupid because I didn't change the knife but it did happen so no chances

If he has a hiv

What is my risk !? The Time between his finger got cut and my cut at best 5 minute .
I read about the PEP do you suggest me to visit the doctor and take it !?

Any suggestions

Waiting for your help

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline for HIV related information.

The short answer is no, you are not at risk of contracting HIV from this situation. You do not have to take PEP. Let me explain why.

HIV transmission requires all of the following:

1. Body fluids containing high levels of HIV, e.g. blood, semen, and vaginal/rectal secretions,

2. A high-risk activity, e.g. unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse or the sharing of needles,

3. Direct access of HIV-containing body fluids into the bloodstream, e.g. through the vagina, anus, mucus membranes, or points of needle injection, and

4. A controlled environment, which means no exposure to air. Sites such as the vagina or anus are considered controlled environments where the virus can be transmitted and can grow, whereas knives or other surfaces are not (since they are fully exposed to air).

In your situation, the knife was fully exposed to the air and would have killed off any HIV lingering on it, thereby making HIV transmission impossible. The only way for you to contract HIV from someone else's cut would be if both of you had deep, gaping, freshly bleeding cuts and you bled directly into each other's wounds. There has only been one case where such a situation has resulted in HIV transmission, and that was from a knife fight where both men bled directly into each other's deep stab wounds. In your situation, the blood transferred from your friend's hand to the surface of the knife and then back to your hand. Since there was no direct human-to-human contact and a lengthy exposure to the air, you could not have contracted HIV from the knife. You do not have to take PEP since this situation is not a high-risk situation.

I trust I have addressed your concerns. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

In good health,


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