please give me some information because you guys are dealing with this kind of matter for a very long time.

In 06/06/2014 I have sex with a female sex worker with condom but i did continue for some time after i did ejaculated, but the condom was there but the semen was spread all in side the condom,
didn't think any thing had unprotected sex with wife on 08/06/2014 but freak out went to local gum hospital at London ask for pep but the docktor said not enough high risk exposer to introduce pep. tell me to come back for blood test 4 week later. i think ok it's not risky went to the same girl again at 07/07/2014 have protected sex with condom even change the condom once i push her hard. i touch her vagina which is wet and i got some cuts in my fingers. after that i got sore throat 12/07/2014 i didn't have sex with my wife after that but we did kiss. nose block DRY COUGH ( DRY COUGH LAST 6 WEEK) 20/07/2014 start filling really tired concern about that went to gum clinic at 21/07/2014 have a hiv 4th generation test and test for hap b,c and syphilis and Gregorian, test came back negative, went to gp he gave me amoxillin 500 for one week but it make me so drowsy and Fatigue i did watery stole once but really really worried did another blood test at a 04/08/2014 and all other STD all come back negative but in this time my wife starting cough and really weak and runny nose i freakd out (because i got red tonsil and sore throat till today 08/09/2014 my wife is sick for 6 week now) i did another 4th generation hiv test a London GUM clinic on 22/08/2014 and other STD comeback negative , did another HIV test 4th generation on 02/09/2014 came back negative, i still got sour throat and 4 lamnodes swallow i can fill them i am really worried please can you give me some ans. my wife tested 09/09/2014 In UK GUM clinck for hiv and all asd negative. my final blood taken on 30/09/2014 at 95 day after the exposer for hiv 4th generation lab test and HBV and syphilis which came out nagative, but i still got sour thraut and light headed and red tonsil.
Hi there,

Thank you for choosing the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source of information.

You mention wide array of symptoms, but the matter of the fact is, as far as HIV goes, there are no clinical symptoms associated with the infection. This means that no consistent physical symptoms have been observed among people with HIV. With that being said, some infected individuals do experience a strong flu-like illness 2-3 weeks post exposure, and this last for about 8-10 days. However, some infected individuals experience no symptoms at all.

The symptoms you are having could be associated with another ailment(s), and is not related to HIV. For that reason, I suggest you reach out to a healthcare professional in your area and discuss your symptoms with her/him.

As far as your tests go, given that the last test you've undergone is 95 days post possible exposure, and based on the World Health Organization guidelines per testing (3 months for HIV test to be all conclusive), the test is an accurate indication of you HIV negative status. Once again, we do encourage you to reach out to a doctor in your area and discuss your symptoms.

In health,
Moe, AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer.


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