Hi i had an incident where condom broke while I was doing anal  was on top was like 10 seconds max  partner said she was clean and recent tested but offered no proof or dates  so I went to hospital next day got a blood test done and put on PEP  this was Friday at 4pm blood was taken  regular blood work results were posted online  but not the hiv results or other STI results  I called the hospital at 9am  and they 1st couldn't find me then did and said the doctor will call me Thursday at 1pm as doc is only in Thursday why would they not have me come in?  is calling with results normal? (Ontario) im worried sick  and don't want to wait.  public health Ontario lab  web site says hiv tests are done mon-Friday  no reactive take up to 3 days  and reactive up to 6 days  so would this likely mean im negative since test results are so quick?  waiting sucks!


Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about the results of an HIV test accessed at the same time you started PEP after engaging in insertive anal sex. From the information given, this scenario is determined to be High Risk (there is evidence of transmission through these activities and are the majority of cases of transmission). 

The scenario mentioned above
does meet the three components of the transmission equation. It was very responsible of you to wear a condom during sex, but due to breakage of the condom the activity was unprotected for a period of time.
Helpline Transmission Equation .jpgIt was also very responsible of you to access PEP after engaging in a risky activity. PEP, if accessed within 72 hours of an exposure and used consistently and correctly for the full 28-day prescription, is an effective way to prevent an HIV transmission (1).

In regards to testing, an HIV test before a you start taking your PEP prescription can be useful if you unknowingly had HIV before engaging in the activity outlined above. With this in mind, an HIV test cannot be considered conclusive as this time because it would be outside of the window period of your most recent exposure.

HIV tests that detect antibodies (Ab) to the HIV virus have a window period that is 3 months post-exposure for conclusive results. The window period of an HIV test "resets" if you access PEP, thus the new window period after accessing PEP becomes 3 months post-PEP completion for conclusive results.

The delivery of HIV test results varies among regions, but rest assured that you will be contacted and able to access your result once it is available. I agree, waiting does suck, but while you wait for this test result, as well as the test you will access after the window period, it is best to refrain from engaging in risky behaviors to prevent the possible ongoing transmission of HIV. Please also note that a positive HIV result is not a death sentence, there are millions of people living with HIV around to world who lead long and fulfilling lives.

Recommendation: Refer to a health care provider for HIV testing outside of the window period for completely conclusive results.


AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Marie

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1) Post-Exposure Prophylaxis




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