• Hello , I went to a massage center in which it ended by giving me a handjob , sucking nipples , and DEEP KISSING. I know non of the action transmit hiv besides deep kissing , I always have dry lips where dot scars appear I started thinking what if her bleeding gums can across my lips , I did the Hiv Duo 4th gen 2 weeks - 4 weeks-5 weeks- 6 weeks - 8 weeks post exposure and they all came non reactive . What is my risk , should I be worried , I took Tamiflu I had a flu I want to know does Tamiflu affect my hiv testing to a 6 month conclusive result .
Hi there, 

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about the possibility of HIV transmission from deep kissing with dry lips. You also mention that you had received a series of 4th generation tests from 2 to 8 weeks post-exposure that all returned non-reactive. 

From the information given, it would appear as if you had recognized that the possibility of blood contact when deep kissing does provide a Low Risk (Evidence of transmission occurs through these activities when certain conditions are met). This is because the presence of blood during the event of deep kissing provides the potential for HIV positive fluid (in this case, blood), to have direct access to the bloodstream. 

For the exposure that you had experienced, it was responsible to seek HIV testing. It appears as though you had received a number of HIV tests. In this regard, the consideration of your Low Risk exposure, coupled with the number of subsequent single tests you had received, may provide enough evidence to ensure that you have completely conclusive results. 

The HIV screening method that you indicated you have received (4th Generation DUO) is considered to be one of the most reliable and comprehensive of testing methods. The 4th generation blood test looks at antibodies as well as P24 protein antigens, which is why it is commonly referred to as the "duo" or "combo" test (1).  This test has extremely high accuracy and negative test results are considered to be completely conclusive at 6 weeks following exposure. 

Because you mentioned that your last screening was around 8 weeks post-exposure it is safe to assume that your non-reactive test results are conclusive. This is provided you have had not had any additional exposures following the one you have described. 

In regard to your flu and the use of Tamiflu, it appears that having recent flu or cold are factors that do not affect the results of HIV testing. From our understanding, the antiviral medication Tamiflu has not been proven to affect the specificity of this testing method. 

Recommendation: No need for additional HIV screening for this particular scenario, please refer to health care provider for additional health-related questions. 

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AIDS Vancouver Online/Helpline, 

4th Generation Testing Method (1)

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