Hi there,On 3rd of this month i had sexual exposure with a local guy. I had hot coffee in the afternoon which burned by lower lips, it was a raw burn with active bleeding spots( as I m on warfarin ). The area of erosion extended to the mucosal as well as the skin part of the lower lip. The guy got intimate with me and tried to kiss me on my lips.I tried to keep my mouth closed and avoided deep kissing. i could feel some saliva coming in contact with the area of erosion and seeping in my mouth, which i immediately avoided by wiping my lips with my hands. He also applied some oil to this penis ( circumsized ) and tried to enter me which immediately i opposed but i could feel his pressure of penis head on my anus.But i am sure i didnt allow him to enter me, so he eventually went for frottage and came in between my thighs in 2 mins. I am scared as later he told me that he has never been tested for HIV and he has ** many guys with almost 50% guys with out condom.This has totally shattered me.Post episode i had a good bath with soap after 15 mins. I am really worried about the,1) Kiss where i had active bleeding spots2) If some cum has stuck to my anal opening3) The guy came in between my thighs. Is there any chance of HIV transmission if i Have scatches in between my thighs.After the incident i started getting pain in my anal region with constipation. I was examined by a surgeon who said that I have an anal fissure with sentinel pile. But I m aware of this sentinal pile since many days but was never aware of anal fissure.I am 100% sure that i didnt allow him to enter me but there was a single pressure on the pile. I am really worried.I also had Hepatitis B status since many years but negative for last 1 year, so i started myself on PEP of Duovir 1 tablet OD from 4th March and taking 1 tablet per day ( started on low dose because of history of hepatitis). But i started experiencing side effects with it like nausea right hypochondriac discomfort skin hypersensitivity oral soreness and feeling of body warmth. I also got my HIV Duo test done which is negative but my LFT is showing increased SGPT levels of 64.Plz advise me
Hello and thanks for using AIDS Vancouver as your source for HIV/AIDS related information. I will try to address your concerns in order.
1) Kissing (with no blood present) is a no risk activity, and your saliva actually contains an enzyme which helps prevent HIV transmission. For HIV transmission to be possible via kissing, your partner would have to be bleeding into your mouth sores for there to be any risk. From what you have described, it sounds as though you only came into contact with his saliva (a fluid which would require you to drink gallons of it for transmission!) so you are at no risk from this activity alone.
2) Non-insertive sexual activities present a negligible risk, which means that there are no reported cases of HIV being passed this way. Having semen near your anus is a low risk activity & I am not aware of any confirmed cases of transmission in non-insertive anal activities. However, other STIs are often spread more easily so you may want to consider getting tested for STIs along with HIV. Moreover, it is important to note that having a bath afterwards will not prevent the acquisition of HIV or other STIs.
3) There is no risk of contracting HIV from him ejaculating between your thighs, even if you did have scratches there. You would need to have HIV positive semen enter actively bleeding, fresh cuts on your thighs to have any risk of transmission. HIV actually dies quite quickly when exposed to air, and furthermore it cannot be passed through scratches that are not bleeding and scabbed over.
PEP does decrease the risk of acquiring HIV but it is important to remember that based on what you have described to me, you did not have a high risk exposure. It is a costly medication, and as you say, the side effects can be quite severe, especially for someone who has had hepatitis B. You may want to speak with your doctor and discuss the benefits and disadvantages of continuing to take Duovir. It is important to remember also that for PEP to be effective, it needs to be taken continuously for 28 days and a missed dosage will considerably reduce its efficacy. It is also important to partner with a medical professional while taking PEP to ensure that you still have safe liver and kidney functioning.
Also, we would like to mention that symptoms cannot be used as diagnostic indicators of HIV status, since they are non-specific.
The DUO test (aka a Combo test or 4th Generation EIA) looks for both antigens (which are produces when someone is newly infected) and antibodies (which take a few weeks to develop), and it quite accurate early on after an exposure. However since it has only been roughly two weeks since the activity you are worried about, this negative test result cannot yet be considered conclusive. Many doctors consider the test to be conclusive at 6 weeks, but official guidelines still recommend retesting at 3 months.
Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns & we will do our best to respond to them as soon as possible.
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