I had a one night stand with a girl of unknown status, 3 days after i got a herpes outbreak and was diagnosed with herpes type 1 in the genital area. went for a blood test for all STDs after 2 weeks came back negative for everything. After 4 weeks i was diagnosed with some bacteria infection below they sayed Gomorra or Chlamydia at the std clinic and gave me antibiotics for both and it cleared whatever it was up after 1 week. After 8 weeks i went back for a fourth generation HIV test and it came back Negative. What are my chances of dodging the bullet ?
Also one more problem ... I started dating another girl ( not a 1 night stand ) we dated for about 1 month and then hooked up in bed. We did not use protection i didn't mind because i knew her and i know she is HIV negative because she is a blood donor and there is no way she can donate with HIV+ blood right ?. Anyways i went down on her and she did the same after 1 week i got oral thrush ... i broke it off right away haven't spoken to her since.  Its been about 1 month now and i still have a coating on my tongue and red flat blister looking things on the back. It hurts to swallow and seems its getting worse, it looked like it was getting better but tonight its bothering me again.
Few more symptoms
Just 2 nights ago i woke up at midnight because i was freezing, i knew it wasn't cold in the house thou.. i got up and was shaking so badly it hurt it went away within 10 minutes ive never had this before.
my first encounter with that girl was in January ( new years ) and we are now June so it was 6 months ago what can i do  so its been about 5 months i haven't gone back for any testing after the 8 week mark, I've called the nurse many times and got reassured that the fourth generation HIV test is about 99% accurate after 8 weeks ? and that i should move on ? im just scared never have i been so stupid... any ideas about this oral thrush ? i know it can be an HIV sigh this is why Aim scared. Thanks 
Hello and thanks for choosing the Helpline. It seems as thought you have multiple issues happening. I want you to understand all people are responsible for their own sexual health. Having multiple Sexually Transmitted Infections puts you at a higher risk for HIV as your system is already compromised.
An HIV test that is negative at 8 weeks is a good indication that you have never been exposed to HIV however the test is not conclusive until 12 weeks post risk exposure. We do recommend that you have a final test in order to know your sexual health. This will empower you moving forward and enable you to keep your partners safe.
Oral thrush is a bacterial infection and can easily be treated. It would be great if you note each and every ailment that you are experiencing and discuss each with your health care provider. Symptoms do not equate HIV and the only way a person can know if they are living with HIV is to test.
While it is true that the 4th generation test is considered conclusive at 6 weeks by most HIV specialist, perhaps a final test will help you move past this situation.
Good luck and all the best,
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