Hello i am 16 so i recently had a sexual encounter with this girl. We were horny and she started rubbing my penis on her vangina unprotected. She has be having discharges and she doesn't know if its good or not. So on the same day that that happened this other girl recently came to my house. I didn't wash up after me and the other girl got done rubbing my penis over her vagina. But like i was saying on the same day this other girl came over and we had sex unprotected. Do you think i could have Hiv? What are the chances? And how long until i get tested? This al happened on Nov. 6th 2014
Hi there,

Thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline for HIV related information.

I am a little confused about your post. I would be able to perform a better risk assessment if I had the answer to the following questions: 1) Did you engage in sexual activity with two or three girls? 2) If you engaged with two girls, did you engage solely in the unprotected rubbing of your genitals together (also called "frottage"), or did you also have unprotected insertive penis-vagina intercourse? Unprotected vaginal sex is a high risk activity, while frottage is a low risk activity. Let me further explain the risk levels of each activity by informing you of the necessary conditions for HIV transmission to occur. HIV transmission requires all of the following:

1. Body fluids containing high levels of HIV, e.g. blood, semen, and vaginal/rectal secretions,

2. A high-risk activity, e.g. unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse or the sharing of needles, and

3. Direct access of HIV-containing fluids into the bloodstream, e.g. through the vagina, anus, mucus membranes, or points of needle injection.

4. A controlled environment, which means no exposure to the air. Activities like unprotected sex or the sharing of needles are high risk activities since they don't involve any exposure to the air, while activities like mutual masturbation or frottage are negligible to no-risk activities since they involve full exposure to the air.

Engaging in unprotected sex is a high-risk activity since it fulfils all three conditions. Frottage, however, is a negligible risk activity. This means that while there is technically a risk for HIV transmission since the activity involves the exchange of body fluids, there has never been a reported case of HIV transmission from this activity. Therefore, your risk for HIV transmission largely depends on the specific activities you engaged in, which I am unsure about.

If you did engage in unprotected sex, here are two suggestions:

1) to start PEP treatment, but you will need to reach out to a doctor and have that conversation with him/her. PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) is a treatment offered only within the first 72 hours of a high-risk exposure, which means you could only receive it by November 9th. This treatment is offered to people who are at high risk of contracting HIV, e.g. through unprotected sex with a person of unknown HIV status. You can find out about it more [here]( If you do decide to pursue PEP and live in the Lower Mainland area (Vancouver, BC), please give us a call at 604-696-4666. You will have to call us by today, November 7th, since the Helpline is closed on the weekends. Your call will be 100% anonymous and confidential. Alternatively, if you are calling after 4PM on Friday, November 7th and into the weekend, you can call Providence Health Care's Immunodeficiency Clinic (IDC)'s Emergency Health Line, where you can seek urgent information about PEP: 604-631-1517, or [](

2) to wait 4-6 weeks and then get tested for HIV.

For testing, you can get tested for HIV as early as 28-42 days (4-6 weeks) post-exposure using *some* types of HIV tests. I mostly recommend the 4th Generation Test to you, which would provide the best indicator of your status at this early mark. If you are located in the Lower Mainland or BC, I recommend you give us a call so that we can find an appropriate testing site for you since not all testing sites offer the 4th Generation Test. You can give us a call at 604-696-4666 Monday to Friday from 10am-4pm. Your call will be 100% anonymous and confidential.

In good health,

Tiina and Moe- AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteers


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