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Actually I am a married man, however, I became weak with a work friend and she

1)Gave me a blow job
2) we engaged in deep kissing
3) I moved my penis on her butts. I do not remember penetrating her because I believe I will feel if my penis is penetrating a tight anal hole and when I asked her she also said that the she dis not feel any penetration but lets assume that my penis rubbed her anus from the outside. 

According to what I read online and in your answers here that the 3 risks are of negligible risk meaning that theoretically it can happen but there are no reported cases.
The part that also confuses me that involves deep kissing and mouth sores ans blood. I want to mention that mouth sores are very common even eating solid food can cause sores. Does it mean that we can get HIV from deep kissing caused by minor sores or gum that is not actively bleeding? And also the mouth can have microscopic blood cells that are not noticed, can HIV transmitted through this minute amount of blood? 

Finally, I know that routine testing is recommended but according to my exposure do I really need to get tested for HIV? 

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from your question, you are asking about the possibility of HIV transmission from a) receiving oral sex (presumably without a barrier), b) during deep kissing with minor sores or gum (not actively bleeding), and c) after anal frottage.

From the information given, the first scenario is determined to be Negligible Risk while the latter two are considered to be No Risk

From the HIV Transmission Equation (see image below), HIV transmission requires HIV particles in a bodily fluid (e.g. vaginal fluids) to have direct access to the bloodstream through a High, Low, or Negligible Risk activity. This could potentially occur during oral sex if HIV-containing bodily fluids gain direct access to your bloodstream such as through sores in the penis. 

The easiest way to lower the risk of transmitting HIV through performing or receiving oral sex is to use a barrier such as a condom or dental dam (1). One can reduce the risk even further if an HIV-negative partner is taking medicine to prevent HIV (pre-exposure prophylaxis aka PrEP) or an HIV-positive partner is taking medicine to treat HIV (antiretroviral therapy aka ART) and is virally suppressed (1).

With regards to deep kissing, unless there are large sores or actively bleeding sores/gum involved, there is No Risk involved due to no direct access to the bloodstream. Furthermore, saliva can "inhibit HIV replication in infected cells and can rapidly kill HIV-infected leukocytes" (2). 

Lastly, generally speaking, HIV transmission is not possible from anal frottage/rubbing because there is no bodily fluid involved. However, a possibility of transmission does exist in circumstances where a bodily fluid is present.

Recommendation: There is no evidence or no documented cases of transmission. Refer to a healthcare professional for more personalized answers.

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AIDS Vancouver Online/Helpline, Shirley

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Additional Resources:
(1Oral Sex
(2) The Oral Mucosa Immune Environment and Oral Transmission of HIV/SIV



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