Thank you so much for the works you do.

I have been dating my girl friend for the last 2 months. Intially she had resisted going for an hiv test but last week we both visited a health facility to get tested. She turned out Positive while I was Negative.

I guarantee that I used a latex condom 100% in all the penetrative sexual intercourse I had with my girlfriend. The number of rounds were about 20 in a period of two months.

The earlier symptoms of joint and muscle arches, heel pains, lower back pain have reduced greatly.

Now I face new symptoms like a persistent headache, I feel heat in my armpits, a bit of night sweats and congested nostrils without any flu. My neck pains have persisted.

I took an HIV DNA PCR test this week and hoping to get my results in two weeks time. I will share. Y results with you immediately.

Kindly let me know what you think about my new symptoms? Can HIV go through an expired condom? (Am not saying I used one, am only asking)

I used a latex condom all the way through, I didn't see any of the condoms break, leak or slip. These symptoms are freaking me out.

Please be honest dnt sugarcoat anything give me the truth so I can get a remedy.

God Bless you for helping people like us.

Thank you
Best Regards



Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about the symptoms you are experiencing, and their possible link to HIV.

From the information given, we assume that you have not received any further testing confirmation regarding your HIV status. It was responsible of both you and your partner to seek HIV testing, as it is important to always know one's HIV status for our own health, and for our partners. Assuming that your partner had not known of her HIV status, she may have presented with little to no symptoms, but be highly viral during sexual intercourse. If left untreated, the viral load of a person living with HIV can raise, thus, increasing the potential of HIV transmission to others.

Although you exclaim that you have used condoms, it is important to remember that HIV incidence is reduced by 80% with the effective and proper use of condoms during all acts of penetrative vaginal sex (1). Condoms do not reduce the transmission of HIV to zero. However, consistent usage is one of the primary ways to protect yourself against HIV transmission.

Because you have already received HIV screening and are awaiting results. We recommend that you do not immediately assume that any/all symptoms that you are experiencing are related to acute retroviral syndrome without adequate testing confirmation. Yet, please continue to perform safe-sex when you are engaging in sexual behaviour.

For the future, it would be beneficial for you to ask your physician about other biomedical options for protection against HIV transmission such as PreP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis).

Recommendation: Please take further preventative measures for protecting yourself from HIV while you are awaiting your screening results.

All the best,

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