unfortunatly my condome was broken..during middle in the sex...i mean this is unprotected sex
i tested pcr dna at 21days from exposure and hiv duo p24 on 6th week. and same duo test after 2 months.
again elisa fourth generation after 3 months 4 months and 5 months...all this tests are nagative and non reactive..
there is no symptoms from these 5 months like fever headech flu and body pain...i am very much healthy..
but the problem is....i am seeing the pink colored very small pimples since 5 months on my chest..all that are in very distance and very less like 5 or 7 on my whole chest only...there is no pimples and bumps any where like that on my body except on chest..these all are fading and re appearing...i met a dermotalogist and that doctor said that..
acne vulgaris and prescribed me with minocillyn and ointments...but i had inflamation like dry skin due to ointmet and acne soap. but when i started minocillin and ointment all that pimples on the chest was gone..
i stopped all that minocillin and ointment after a week.. the pimples in red shape was started after some days.... but i am not using any medicne in between i have an alergy hives cause with food or some thing...i used prednisolone and rantac and artis.. all that alergy gone in a single day and i used for 5 days this medicne as doctor priscription...
all of my pimples on my chest was gone...when i stopped that alergy medicines...after 3 days this pimples was started again....pls help me is it cause of hiv or any other skin problem....if hiv bumps are very less and in distance like this ...if the hiv pimples stay for 5 months like appearing and fade out..and re appering...
is there any chances to not devlop my antibodies since 5 months...if this pimples cause with hiv..does it appear and reappear and it fade out with acne creams..and tese are all not itchy and no pain for me.. just look like normal pimples colored in pink...but i am scaring with this pimples i never saw on my chest like there any way to find out or diagnose this kind of acne like pimple or is it hiv pimple or normal bactirea pimple...i tested my complete blood count also..there is no issues..all are good ..but the only limpocytes are 50 little bit more than normal range...
is it cause of any there any chances to not devlope my antibodies up to 5 months...i am in very tension...pls help me with proper solution on this acne like red it cause for hiv or any other...what is the right kind of solution to find out this pimples issue...this is the only problem... i am staying away from my family...
i want how to calrify this pimple cause there any test for pimple cause bactiria...
thanq u

Hello and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

It sounds like you have some concerns about your chances of acquiring HIV.

From what you have told me, you pursued multiple HIV tests, but you 4th Generation test done at 5 months post exposure generated a negative result. This result is considered conclusive as official testing guidelines state that all tests that are done 12 weeks post exposure generate completely conclusive results. Furthermore, you did not mention that you have pursued other high risk activities, meaning your current test results are conclusive.

It is extremely hard to correlate symptoms and HIV as symptoms themselves can be connected to various different illnesses. Furthermore, you stated that you were taking perscribed medication for the pimples and eventually all the pimples went away. However, whenever you would stop the medication you would endure the same pimple growth again. Here at AIDS Vancouver we are volunteers that possess knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS, but do not possess the same knowledge that a medical professional has. In this situation I would highly recommend partnering with your personal doctor and dermatologist as these pimples continue to be a prevalent issue.

Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

Chris, Volunteer

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