I have unprotected sex with different prostitues in the period from 2008 to 20012.... I developed a 2 blisters painless and clear fluid filled on right sole of my feet and after some time it started itching on my penis resulting in a painless fluid filled chancre on my penis... I got a surgery of piles after some days and during my sit baths I noticed that my penis chancre which was resolved at that time but skin color change was there turned into black pigmented area and pigmentation also started on my lip at left told me it's fixed drug eruption as after a year I used naproxen salt and this eruption starts again on both lips and penis... I tested for hiv Elisa after a year of my exposure the result was 0.23 negative as value less than that time I was also involved in pin pointed pain on my left side in my throat and pain also felt in ear and this took 1 year approx to settle down... Now in 2015 I have once again four blisters under my feet filled with clear liquid starting from pin head and now big sized.between my third and fourth finger.. Pinpoint pain in throat now on right side feeling pain in ear and difficult in swallowing... For about a month.... Hiv screening test negative and Cbc report is hb:14.5 ...plt; 144 on lower side mcv: 80.2,,,neutrophils ,: 41 on lower side,,,,lympho: 49 on higher side, mpv 8.5,,,mch 27.5,,,,mchc;;34.4...hct;;42.1...rbc;;;;;;7.7....very much worried quit smoking and alcohol from about 2 years... Plz tell what to do
Hi there, thank you for contacting us at AIDS Vancouver. We are happy to help.

It sounds like you are very worried about the symptoms that you are experiencing and you are worried about whether they are any indication of HIV status.

What I would suggest to you is to try and not focus on symptoms when referring to HIV, because HIV symptoms often mirror other viral infections (eg. flu) or can be explained by other things. Symptoms of HIV vary from person to person and some people may not show any signs of symptoms until up to ten years after exposure!

Testing is the ONLY way to be sure of your HIV status. You did state that you took the ELISA test one year after exposure and got a negative result. The ELISA test is actually the most commonly available testing method. The accuracy of this test is 99.8% and considered to be conclusive after 3 months, therefore you result after a year would be considered conclusive.

If you continue to remain concerned about your symptoms, we would suggest you follow up with your health care provider as they would better be able to answer your questions regarding symptoms and lab work. As far as your HIV status is concerned, we would suggest to continue regular testing if you are sexually active, however from your previous encounter this test result could be considered conclusive since it is passed the 3 month window period.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding HIV transmission, feel free to contact us at our Helpline. We are open Monday to Friday 9am-4pm (PST)
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