A week back, I had vaginal sex with a woman. I put on the condom and had sex for about a minute. Then, I took out my penis (uncircumcised) and put on another condom (out of anxiety) and had sex for about 1-2 mins and then I ejaculated. I took out my penis and went to washroom to wash my penis. I removed the condoms (pair) and washed my penis with tap water. I hadn't known that a condom should only be used once. After washing penis with my hands, I started washing condoms with tap water so that the semen (ejaculation) gathered at the tip of the condom gets washed off (while washing the condoms were in pair with one condom over other). For about half a minute, I washed condoms so that semen stains get removed from inside the condom. However, some minor stains were there inside the condom specially at the tip. I then put on the same condoms (pair) by mistake, and after about 10-15 secs threw the condoms in trash bin. Out of anxiety that, while insertion condoms were alright or not, I took out both the condoms from trash bin and looked at each one if there was any tear on any. I didn't find any tear. Then I took both condoms in my hands and threw them in the street bin. I carried each condom in my hands for about a minute while walking to the street bin. Now My questions are:

1. Is it possible that I may have got HIV while removing the condom pair with my hands as my hands may have touched vaginal fluids present on outer part of condom? With the same hands I touched my penis to clean it.
2. Is it possible to get HIV as, while I was washing the condom pair some vaginal fluid present on outer surface of the condom could have slipped into the inside part of condom (where penis has contact while wearing condom). I then wore the same condom pair for about 10-15 secs and my penis may have had contact with vaginal fluid.
3. While taking out the condom pair from trash bin, I held each condom in each hand to check the tear on condoms. I then went to street to throw them. Is there any chance of getting HIV because I could have touched vaginal fluid while holding condoms in my each hand.

Hi there and thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Online Helpline.

There is no risk of acquiring HIV from touching vaginal fluid on the outside of a condom. When HIV in bodily fluids (such as vaginal fluid) is exposed to the air it becomes non-transmissible. Any vaginal fluid on the condom would have been exposed to the air and would no contain transmissible HIV. There would also be no risk from putting the condom back on because any vaginal fluid that may have been on it would also have been exposed to the air and would not be transmissible.

The risk of HIV associated with protected sex (sex with a condom) is considered to be low. This means that the total risk from the sexual experience you described could be considered to be low.

Also, for future reference it is important to note that only one condom should be worn at a time. Wearing two condoms at once causes friction when they rub together and increases the chance that they will break.

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I hope this information helps to answer your questions.

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