I am usually so healthy, and never get sick. But after having about 3 min of unprotected vaginal and oral sex with a female I know, I began experiencing foreign symptoms. Afterwards, she claimed that she never uses condoms after intercourse. I was floored, and I could not believe it. The sex was unwanted on my part, and I did not ejaculate in her.

Week 1: Swollen Salivary Gland, Minor sore throat, headache, fatigue.
• Tested Negative – Blood draw antibody test at 10 days. (Weight 188)

Week 2: Headache- Stopped after 2 days.

Week 3: Lesions on both sides of tong. Stopped after 4 weeks.

Week 4: Burning during urination, slow stream, liquid discharge, burning/itching anus, poor appetite, nausea, and stomach/groin pain. Stopped after 13 days. (Weight 178)- Drugs Prescribed – Z-pack (Anti-biotic) for 10 days. Then- SNZ-TMP (Anti-Biotic).

Week 5 and 6: Post nasal drip, swollen lymph nodes in neck, swollen adenoid on right side of neck, Itchy around neck and head, groin pain, appear to have Geographical tong, white yeast on tong. Spot on forehead. (Weight 174)
• Tested Negative- Antibody test at 6 Weeks. (Weight 173)

Week 7: Swollen lymph nodes, migraines, shoulder and upper back tension, pain under jaw, swollen tong, ear pressure, white yeast on tong, several lesions on top of tong, and pressure on top of head and back of head, Itchy on neck and head. Stopped after 10 days. (Weight 175)

Week 8: Dull pain in chest that grew into severe pain with 2 weeks’ time, tender lymph nodes, pressure behind ears and jaw line. Coughed up blood. Itchy on neck. Drug Prescribed- Diclosenac (Anti-inflammatory) (Weight 177)

Week 9: Dull pain in arm pits and is gradually getting worse, and shoulder joints in upper back, bottom of chest. Still have swollen adenoid on right side of neck. Lymph nodes in neck are still tender, Ulcer appeared on the middle- inside of lip and no medicine is healing it. (Weight is 179)

Am I at risk? I am very concerned with my condition, doesnt feel right.
Hello and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

It seems you are concerned about HIV infection after an unprotected sex activity. we are glad to provide some information.

We do not determine the HIV status of an individual using symptoms because some symptoms are caused by other viral infections that are not related to HIV. The only way to determine HIV status is by getting an HIV test.

Engaging in unprotected vaginal sex is regarded as a High Risk activity. This means that this activity has been repeatedly associated with HIV infections. We recommend that you get HIV tested. You can either discuss with your doctor or find an HIV test centre close to you. If you are in Canada you can use [CATIE]( to find a test center and if you are outside Canada you can use[ Aids Map e-atlas]( to locate a test center close to you.

The Aids Vancouver Helpline Online forum has postings that are related to your question that you can read for additional information. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us again.

Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

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