I had protected vaginal sex with a girl so during the activity I touched the condom with my fingers then I noticed some vaginal fluids on my fingers then after two days I had mouth ulcers and I was feeling weak ,the first few weeks I had many symptoms like headache,mouth ulcers,fever and joint pains then after 8 days I went to the clinic for testing hiv and it was negative the test was rapid test,after 9 weeks I went back again again it was negative the test was rapid test that week I had rash on my face symptoms never stopped then at last after 168 days I went back again the nurse tested me with rapid test and she told me that it was negative but after 35 to 45 minutes the results turned to positive with a very faint pink line on T1 and she did the second test but still it was positive with a faint pink line line but did not take too long like the first one,I was confused so she told me to test with Elisa test and said that Elisa will give me true results and I agreed so after one to two weeks the results came back and it was negative,but the symptoms doesn't stop like flu,mouth ulcer sometimes and feeling week so Should I got back to test to be sure or when should I test? course am feeling sick
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HIV test results are considered accurate, reliable and conclusive after 12 weeks. It is likely that what happened with your rapid test was that you had a false positive. Here is some more information discussing the frequency of false positive tests with HIV ( Usually, a rapid test takes 20 minutes. After that point, it is possible that there may be discoloration with lines. The same thing can happen with pregnancy tests, so I would not be too concerned, particularly since the rest of your test results indicate that you are negative.

I also want to tell you that your risk of HIV transmission through this event alone was low. You did not place yourself at a high risk of infection because you used a condom, and I want to congratulate you for doing so. The reason why you did not place yourself at risk is as follows: For HIV transmission to occur, body fluids of an HIV-positive person (i.e. blood, semen, vaginal fluids) need direct access to YOUR bloodstream through an activity like UNPROTECTED sex. Using condoms is the best way to protect the sexual health of both yourself at your sexual partner.

As for your symptoms, please note that HIV has few clinically defined symptoms. If you continue to feel unwell, please go visit your health care provider to rule out other possible symptoms.

So based on your situation, you did not place yourself at risk and all of your test results indicate that you are HIV-negative. I would not recommend further testing and encourage you to continue using condoms.

I trust that I have answered your questions, however, if you have any more, please don't hesitate to ask.

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