Dear Helpline Team

Hie..Thank you so much for all the great work you're doing, you are helping out so many people. Yesterday at around 1630 pm I bought some chips (french fries). Now in my country, Zimbabwe, french fries they are sometimes bagged into a transparent plastic bag. So I ate the chips, putting my hand into the plastic bag and digging for some more chips then removing my fingers and eating them. Now I got a small hangnail wound which had stung that morning and bled very minimally. I then ate some on the way home. I got home 15 minutes later and didnt finish all the chips and when I got home, I gave my little sister to finish up eating. I only started getting worried after I noticed that my hangnail wound was stinging (the skin was peeling and there was no active bleeding but a tiny red dot like a tiny sore inside the hangnail wound about 1mm)..So my sister ate the chips. I am now worried about the friction between my hangnail wound and the inside of the plastic bag..what about if a tiny amount of my blood went on the inside of my plastic bag..Could that blood somehow find its way onto my sister's fingers or the chips as she drew some of them out and ate them.

I've been so worried about having HIV I've never had sex before only fingered 2 girls with latex gloves on and got bit on the lip by a girl whilst kissing her

1. I am now worried that if a microscopic amount of blood went on the inside of the plastic bag of the chips and then when my sister was using her fingers to dig in for more chips, if it contacted her fingers and/or the chips and then she put those fingers and chiptrs in her mouth could she be infected?

2. What about if she licked her fingers or the ketchup inside the plastic bag?

2. This incident happened around 8pm yesterday. Should I take her to see the doctor and ask for PEP?

I am so scared of something bad happening to her I don't know what I would do if I infected her I wouldn't be able to live with myself. Please help me.

NB* I remember putting ketchup (tomato sauce on the chips before I ate them) so much of the inside of the plastic bag was covered in ketchup. Could the little HIV viral particles survive in the inside of the plastic bag and on the ketchup and be transferred to my sister's fingers then possibly the mucous membranes of her mouth when she ate the chips or licked her fingers?

Yours Faithfully,
Mr Worried
Hi there Mr. Worried,

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about the risk of HIV acquisition (given your unknown status) to your sister through casual contact with food.

From the information given, this scenario is determined to be No Risk (transmission is not possible in the given scenario).

The following are all ways in which your sister is not able to acquire HIV: Sharing food, drinks, utensils or dishes; sharing towels, linens or clothing; hugging, touching, or shaking hands (1).
Although you believe there to be blood (an avenue for HIV transmission), the details of this scenario indicate that there was not a substantial amount of blood, or enough to warrant any risk of HIV transmission. Please refer to our [HIV Transmission Equation]( for further clarity.

It appears as though you are also concerned about your risk of HIV acquisition through the activity of protected mutual masturbation. This in fact is also a No Risk (Transmission is not possible in the given scenario) activity.

Recommendation: In this scenario, we recommend there is no need for biomedical prevention methods such as PEP, nor is any HIV testing method warranted. Please refer to a physician for any other health related questions.

All the best,
AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Cody
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