it was my first day to meet female then i have licked her vagina for only 2minutes , i was not satisfied to lick and i have not done sex with her
and she didnt suck my penis ..i touched her niples to my hands and my mouths and i left
when i left feel these smyptoms
fatiga ,sweat, shortage of appetite, burning sensation to abdominal
1 first week i went clinic and tested hiv result became negative
then i become oky after sometime i feel loss of appetite, fatigue , excessive day and sweats,and burning sention in abdomen
80 days after exposure i went for and other clinic lab and tested hiv result became negative
so my question is
if after 90days result becomes negative
does it mean that i am not hiv infected?
note: the country which i live Hiv case are very rare

hepatis B and c are so common here my country
i have tested both became negative
i have done all of other normal tests for blood none of them is positive i mean tests which are basically not related hiv ,,,all doctors say you are fine

Hello and thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline. I am happy to address your concerns.

It sounds like you are concerned about your risk, symptoms, and test results.

Giving oral sex is considered to be a low risk activity for HIV transmission, and simply touching someone cannot transmit the virus between bodies. However, I'm very happy that you got tested to determine your status because of the possible exposure!

In terms of your symptoms, we do not go by symptoms to determine status here at AIDS Vancouver. This is because there are no clinically defined symptoms for HIV- some people show them, others don't, and they often get confused with other illnesses like the flu. For this reason we encourage regular STI and HIV testing to determine status. For your symptoms, I encourage you to partner with your local doctor to get those checked out- they don't sound fun!

For your testing, in Vancouver we use 3 months post-exposure for the window period to determine conclusiveness. This is 84 days. Since you got a test at 80 days, your negative result will likely be very accurate but not yet conclusive. Although unlikely, it is possible for a result to change at 90 days (i.e. if the original test was flawed and you got a false result). For this reason it may be in your best interest to receive one more test at 3 months just to obtain a conclusive status result- but you also may not find this necessary.

With regards to your Hep B and C, unfortunately I cannot comment on these because I am specifically trained in HIV/AIDS related information.

I hope I have answered your questions and concerns to your satisfaction. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to post on this forum again, call us, or visit



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