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I have an unprotected sex last May or June 2015 and after that I didn't have any Sexual activities that requires me insertion of penis to a vagina or anything stupid as I what to say, at October 2015. I finally take a test in which they prick my finger and getting a blood from my finger after about 2 hours of agonizing myself they told me I was NON REACTIVE for both Syphillis and HIV I got a relief somehow but I still feel nervous of this one and on December 2015 Doctor had me for a CBC Test and everything is normal (The only thing that didn't hit the mark is the Hemoglobin which is 182 I need to lower it down to 180)... I am healthy and clear I just need to lose or shed some weight... I was little relief at that time... but then came Jan 2016, I am still nervous about this and read, actually I read repeatedly, online articles about HIV which scares me to death...

My question is, is Non reactive is Negative or should I need to re examine again? I'm really scared.. Please help... THanks and God Bless

Thank you for contacting AIDS Vancouver. I'm sorry to hear that this has been a source of a lot of stress for you. Your feelings are very understandable.

First of all, congratulations on getting tested! It is the only way to know for sure whether you have acquired HIV. According to your description your last high risk exposure (unprotected sex) was in May or June as I understand it? If this is the case and the finger prick test you took was in October the test results were conclusive. The finger prick test, also known as the rapid test is considered conclusive at 12 weeks after your last exposure. Your non-reactive test result does mean that your test was negative.

We are not medical professionals but as I understand it a CBC test does not test for HIV, it examines the numbers of red and white blood cells contained in your blood. If you have further concerns about this test I would suggest you revisit your healthcare professional.

It sounds like you were worried about your risk of transmission while you were taking the test and reading articles online has worsened the problem. We usually give advice not to read things online unless they come from a trustworthy source. I can provide you with some good links, as well the ministry of health website for your province/state may be helpful. Here is a [page]( leading to a variety of different topic links about HIV, here is a [link]( to a safe sex website that has information about syphilis and here is a [site]( with information on testing results.

I hope the information I have provided, in addition to the extra resources I have given you links to, will help you to feel relieved rather than scared. You have tested negative and that is worth celebrating!

Best wishes.

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