Hi i'm 30 yrs old male. im from Malaysia and please forgive my poor english

On 6-July i had high risk exposure (unprotected sex) with a bar girl that i just met few hours, that day i was so drunk and my penis can‘t completely stand but still able put into her vagina but not deep inside, i can fell her vagina is quite wet. Few minutes maybe due my penis still can’t keep on erect, and then i give up without cumming. a week later i just feel too odds because everything seems comes too easy, if she can have sex with me probably may have sex with other ones else, and we just met not more than 4hours. My bad feeling came from nowhere; i keep searching HIV/AIDS info from internet. Although i still stay in touch with the bar girl, but my phobia just won’t go away and symptoms starting to appear on my body.

On 16-July (10days after exposure), I went for anonymous HIV test. I was tested Negative by Determine HIV Ag/Ab Combo Kit. I know 10d post exposure is too early to get the test, counsellor advise me to test again 3 weeks later. 14d post exposure symptoms start coming, and every day I living in fear, I can’t get myself calm. I drink beer often at night and smoke heavily (20 or more cigarette per day), sometimes I went home late and just slept 2 hours.

On 20-July (15d after exposure), I started diarrhea and my stool are loose and watery. I feel lethargy, malaise, difficulty breathing and pulse quicken. All came intermitted and last 3hrs, my body feel hot but my oral temperature is normal 37.2c. I start coughing and my throat is dry, feel have something in my throat but hard to cough with phlegm. After that my cough gone worst day-to-day especially during sleep time and on 30-July I started sore throat, few small lymph nodes on my right neck. Went to doctor and get some antibiotics and my throat is getting better but still feel dry, small lymph nodes just faded awhile and appear again in same position, and my cough still remain especially during sleep time.

1-Aug (25d after exposure) I coughing up blood in the morning and the small lymph nodes just don’t go away. this is the first time I coughing up blood, and having lymph nodes. i know it was a bad sign, I read from internet acute HIV will cause upper respiratory symptoms. My condition is getting worst, until today I still diarrhea and stool like water. This Saturday I will be going for second rapid test, and I have strong feeling I will have HIV positive, my body are telling me that, I just don’t know how im gonna take it.

Just want to let everyone know, don’t let libido come over your mind when you do not know the person and his condition.
Hello, and thank you for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

It sounds like you have some concerns in regard to the likelihood of acquiring HIV.

It is important to remember that while the internet is an essential part of one's everyday life it may also amplify worries or fears that one may have. While you have a lot of symptoms that are currently causing you a lot of discomforts it is important to remember that while these symptoms may be distinguished as ones related to HIV, symptoms themselves can be tied into an endless amount of illnesses. When experiencing symptoms such as these it might be helpful to partner with your personal doctor so that these symptoms can be addressed in a proper and timely fashion.

Secondly, it is not the individual that causes one to acquire HIV it is the action. You have stated in your post that you keep in touch with her from time to time, if that is the case then it might be beneficial to ask her if she knows her current HIV status. This may relieve you of some of the stress that you are currently dealing with.

Lastly, when it comes to HIV testing it is important to remember that test results acquired after 90 days post-exposure are completely conclusive results. This applies to all forms of HIV testing that one can partake in except for self-testing HIV kits. Here at AIDS Vancouver we do not recommend the usage of such kits as there is a high probability of human error. Furthermore, due to the current state of medicine, individuals with HIV are able to live long, fulfilling lives with HIV medication.

For more information on HIV you can visit [Worried about HIV](


Chris, Helpline Volunteer

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