Hello. I'm from Greece and before 5 days i visited Austria to go to a heavy metal concert. I wore a special "old" pair of shoes to the concert so that my new ones wouldn't get destroyed. Since the day of the concert i didn't wear those shoes again. In the meantime i returned home to Greece. Last day i wore those shoes again and after a bit, i felt a slight sting on my big toe. After i removed the shoe, i found out that a pin was the cause of the trouble. I immideatly thought that this pin could have had hiv viruses on it since the concert, but then i said "hey, i can't be this unlucky". The bad thing is that today I've had diarrhoia twice and I am a lot concerned that i have aids, since a teacher at school had told us that diarrhoia is one of the symptoms of the first steps of the virus. Do you think i should be worried?
P.S. I talked to my doc and he said I probably shouldn't be worried, but I don't know if he knows much about aids, since it isn't his field of expertise. I thought i should get a second opinion.
P.S. I didn't blead when I felt the sting by the pin.
Thank you.
Hello and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

It sounds like you have some concerns about the likelihood of acquiring HIV from the described scenario.

It is important to remember that here at AIDS Vancouver we are volunteers and do not have the same credentials as a medical practitioner will have. In your question you state that you are quite concerned that you have HIV from the pin because it was in a concert like setting. When it comes to HIV, the place or person does not increase the likelihood of acquiring the virus, it is the action that ultimately heightens one's risk of acquiring HIV.

For one to truly be at risk of acquiring HIV, there needs to be a body fluid, an activity and a direct access to enter the bloodstream. HIV itself is an extremely fragile virus and requires a human host to both thrive and survive. Furthermore, once the virus is exposed to air it becomes damaged to the point that it is no longer transmissible. Thus, even if the pin where to come into contact with bodily fluid that may carry the virus, it would be damaged meaning that you are at No Risk of acquiring HIV.

In your post you stated that you have had diarrhoea, which is why your concern is so high. When it comes to HIV, one cannot correlate the symptoms with HIV because ultimately the symptoms can be linked to so many other illnesses. If your symptoms continue to be prevalent, it might be helpful for you to partner with your personal doctor so that the symptoms can be addressed in a proper and timely fashion.

Below I have attached a copy of an HIV Transmission Equation Chart, which goes into further detail on the necessary factors that are required for there to be a risk of HIV transmission.


---------- -------- ----------------------------
• blood (including menstrual) • unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse • vagina
• semen • sharing needles • anus
• pre-cum • mother to child (in specific cases) • urethra in the penis
• rectal secretions • open cuts and sores (in theory)
• vaginal fluids • other mucosal membranes
• breast milk • points of needle injection
For more information on HIV you can visit [HIV Basics](


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