Hi! I had a hiv test at three months but one of the months was February during the window period. February only has 28 days in the month. So my exposure was with a HIV positive dude (no condom) I am a girl. We had sex January 31st and I had a negative HIV test April 27th... with the days in the months is this considered conclusive? (I think in total the HIV test was done on the 86th day after exposure) I am confused and I am so scared because I have been having so many stomach and chest issues and that is what HIV effects I also have so many other 'unexplained' symptoms. I am in constant pain now. I don't know what is wrong with me but before I had sex I was fine and did not have any of these problems. I am convinced I have HIV and I am going to get retested on June 29th. I do not know what is going on with me and neither does my doctor. He says that it may be related to stress but I don't think so. I definitely think HIV is causing my problems and I would not doubt it because the dude I had sex with does have HIV!!! I feel like my life is ruined, I do not want to live with HIV even with the medicine because those cause bad side effects too
Hi there, thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver helpline with your HIV related questions and concerns. We are happy to help!

It sounds like you're severely distressed over this situation and your test results. Hopefully this answer will help to alleviate some of your anxiety.

In terms of the tests, all HIV tests, like you said, are conclusive after 3 months. Specifically though, 84 days. So your test at 86 days would be considered accurate and conclusive. There are 4 known exceptions to this rule, where the window period is extended to 6 months. Those are:

1) If you're on antiviral treatment for Hepatitis C

2) If you're being treated for cancer (Chemotherapy)

3) If you're on PEP/PREP treatment for HIV

4) If you have an immunodeficiency disease (you would know, they're diagnosed at infancy)

If these don't apply to you, then your 86 day test is conclusive!

In regards to the symptoms, we do not go by symptoms to classify HIV, as they're vague and often mirror other viral infections like the flu. Additionally, some people have symptoms, some don't, and the timeline and severity varies significantly. It sounds like you've already contacted your doctor about them, but I would recommend continuing to partner with your doctor about them. Additionally, he's correct that often times stress and anxiety over HIV tests and results will cause symptoms or over exaggerate them, so working toward accepting your test results and alleviating your anxiety regarding it may help.

Finally, many people living with HIV are on antiretroviral treatment that is effective at limiting the amount of virus present in the body, which makes it very hard to acquire in these cases. Therefore, just because your partner was HIV positive, doesn't mean you will acquire it. Try to work past this incident and accept your test result and move on.

Check out the following websites for more information on HIV and safe sex:
[The Body ](
[Smart Sex Resource ](

and the BC CDC Testing guidelines [HERE](

Hopefully this helped!


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