Hi Doc,

I had a encounter with a female in vegas we just kissed and some oral shared between us, before giving me oral she just sat on my penis for like 30 secs unprotected, and than she gave me oral and i climaxed in her mouth. but the unprotected 30 sec activity is making me crazy. I didn't have any symptoms apart from a mile sore throat just 5 days the exposure. its been 4 months not and recently feel pain in my knees and feeling like electric tingling on my head and neck since couple of days. I have not tested yet and the country i am in I cannot test.

Appreciate u r assistance.. I am feeling very stressed on this part.
Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline with your query.

It sounds as though you are feeling a little unwell after your trip to Vegas and wondering whether there was any risk of HIV transmission during an encounter while you were there.

From the activities that you describe, we could say that there is a low risk for acquiring HIV. I'm including here a link to our [Risk Assessment Chart]( so that you can have a look at many common activities to see the types of risk associated with each.

You will notice that kissing carries no risk for HIV transmission. Genital rubbing is negligible risk because while a theoretical case for transmission could be made due to the presence of body fluid, there has never been a confirmed report of transmission in this way.
I see you mention "some oral shared between us", and I'm not quite sure what you mean by that. If you mean that you performed oral sex, then this would present the highest risk for transmission because of the likelihood of exposure to vaginal fluid, however, even this would be low risk and there have only been a few reported cases of transmission from oral sex.

We do not look to symptoms as a way to diagnose HIV, both because many people do not experience symptoms, and also because as a virus, HIV could present in the same way as many other viral infections, and a misdiagnosis could be made. If you are still feeling unwell, it is best to partner with your healthcare provider to have your symptoms properly addressed.

We recommend that all people who are sexually active consider regular testing, as testing is the only way to know your status, and please bear in mind that there are many other STIs which can be transmitted through the activities described. HIV tests are considered conclusive at 3 months, which means that you don't need to wait and can go for your test as soon as you are in a country where that will be possible. If you need our help finding a testing location, please let us know where you are so we can put you in touch with an AIDS Service Organisation (ASO) in your area.

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