Hey guys the other night I ended up sleeping with a friend of mine while I was wearing my underwear and so was she. I was drunk and therefore do not remember much. However what happened is that we ended up rubbing our genital parts together mimicking penetrative sex. However I do not remember if their was any insertion. If their was I was still wearing my boxers and I believe she was wearing underwear as well. If this was the case is their a risk for HIV and do I need to be tested. I did rub my penis on her back but I am almost certain that my penis was in my boxers when this activity occurred.

My questions are

1. what are your thoughts on this activity, is this a risk?

2. If insertion did happen is this a risk for HIV even if we were both wearing underwear (I did feel the opening of her vagina but we I am sure both did have underwear on?

4.If their was insertion and I wasn't wearing underwear but she was is their as risk for hiv?

3. If their is no insertion is their no risk?

4. Do I require testing?

Please guys give me some advice been worried about this.

Thanks x

Hello and thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline. We are happy to help answer your questions.

It sounds like you are worried after engaging in some sexual activity with a friend of yours, but that you do not remember clearly. This is a situation that happens to a lot of people, and we hope we can help you understand the risk associated with it better.

* external contact with genitals, and all other parts of the body does not pose a risk of acquiring HIV; [non-insertive masturbation]( is considered a no-risk activity for acquiring HIV.

* bodily fluids cannot pass on HIV after they have been exposed to the air, even when they are on clothes

* bodily fluids cannot pass on HIV through clothes; HIV is a human-to-human virus that requires direct access to the bloodstream, and cannot be passed on through objects (e.g. underwear)

We always suggest that sexually active individuals be tested for all STIs, including HIV, regularly to maintain overall health, but it sounds like this exposure (as described) may not require an HIV test.

We want to let you know that using a condom is the most reliable way to prevent the transmission of HIV, and other STIs, whereas the same cannot be said for the quality underwear. Having said that, if you remain concerned about this exposure, or cannot recall every detail, the safest possible measure would be to go for an HIV test at 3 months post-exposure or later, when results can be considered conclusive.

[Here]( is a great resource for learning about STI prevention, including HIV

[This]( link can help locate HIV test sites in Canada

[This]( link can help locate HIV test sites in U.S.A.

Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.



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