I am male, 25 years old, foolishly had unprotected sex with a sex worker 6 weeks back. She probably was 28-35 years old. The whole sexual encounter lasted around 40 mins and it was mostly kissing and oral (fellitio) but for around 25-30 seconds I inserted my penis in her vagina. The moment I realized it, I took it out. Later, I ejaculated in her mouth.

21st day after the encounter - I had a small cut in my tongue out of nowhere and it was healed within the day
On the 22nd-28th day - red bumps with white center pop-ed up in several places of my body (none were in the genital or oral area though) but, except one, those too went away within the day. The exceptional one pop-ed up near my right ear and took around 3-4 days to heal, it was slightly bigger than the others and left its mark there after it was healed. None of these were painful or caused itchy or burning sensation before appearing.
On 37th day, I had horrible toothache in the back of my mouth by my wisdom teeth (which are still in my mouth) and stayed around 2 days
Today (42nd day after possible exposure) I spotted two white spots on the gum of my front teeth (not itchy or painful), which might or might not have been there before (I am a chain smoker).

On my 30th day, I consulted with a doctor, he examined and suggested me to run some tests (CBC, HBSAg, AntiHCV, HSV-1/2 IgG and HSV1) and prescribed some medicine. All my test came negative except HSV-1/2 IgG test. The result of IgM test came back negative but the result of HSV-1/2 IgG (not specific) was 17.40. My doctor said I had it for quite some time, probably since my childhood, and if I never experienced any outbreaks ever then there is a possibility that I would never experience any for the rest of my life.

Would be really grateful if you please could answer my questions:
1. Can those be the symptoms of any of the Herpes from the recent exposure?
2. Though my doctor said the result of my IgM test is negative, 0.68 gm/l (reference range 0.4-2.4 gm/l) but can anyone tell me is it really negative or in un-determine stage? or is it possible that I get Herpes from my recent incident?
4. Should I get re-tested for Herpes again at the 60th day (2 month after the sexual encounter) or is the result I got from my last test conclusive?
5. I read from other posts here that the risk of HIV is negligible through oral sex but just to be assure is it possible for me to get HIV in my case (given I probably have weak gum or the issue of that wisdom teeth)?

Thank you for taking the time to read it. I would be grateful to you if you suggest me some advice and clear up my confusion by answering my question. Pardon me for my terrible English and unorganized presentation. Thank you.
Hi there, thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver helpline with your HIV related questions and concerns. We're happy to help!

Having unprotected sex (penetrative vaginal or anal sex, no matter the duration of time) is considered to be a High Risk for HIV transmission. This means that most cases of transmission are seen through activities such as this.

Receiving oral sex is considered to be a Negligible Risk for HIV transmission. This means that although it's theoretically possible, there have been no recorded transmission in this way.

Giving oral sex is considered to be a Low Risk for HIV transmission. This means that although there have been a few cases of HIV transmission in this way, they're usually under certain identifiable conditions, such as if you'd recently had major dental surgery that left large gaping wound in your mouth. Although you've been having pain with your wisdom teeth, it's unlikely this would be a risk for HIV since they're still present in your mouth.

Now to answer your questions:

1) We are not doctors, and we're not qualified to comment on symptoms here, as we're just volunteers. Additionally, we're not trained to be experts in herpes virus infections, but rather just HIV, so I would suggest to continue partnering with your doctor about this topic. That being said, those are not typical symptoms of HSV 1 infections, and like your doctor said, a lot of people have HSV for their whole lives and go without even knowing it, and never having an outbreak.

2) That's a negative test! Antibody tests have to reach a threshold level to be considered positive tests. If you tested negative for herpes, you didn't obtain herpes through your recent incident.

3) Herpes tests are considered to be conclusive at 7 weeks post exposure, so if you took one more test at 7 weeks your good to go! Again though, we're not experts in Herpes virus infections, so I would suggest partnering with your doctor on this point, since the guidelines may be different where you live, and depending what kinds of tests are available! This website should be able to provide more information about herpes virus screening and tests! :

4) The weak gums and pain with your wisdom teeth doesn't increase your risk for HIV through oral sex. however, you did have unprotected vaginal sex, and that is a High Risk for HIV transmission! HIV testing is the only way to be certain of HIV status in this case.

I hope this helped! For more information about HIV please visit For more information about safe sex, please visit



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