I have visited in the past massage parlors that have bodyslide and hand relief as part of the service given.

I never have thought anything of it up until recently. You see, i have met a wonderful wonderful person. We've been friends for years and we've fallen for each other. We've seen other people and i get tested twice a year for stds ( just in case). We've discussed safe sex.

However, I feel extremely horrible and greatly concerned on potential risks during my parlor visits. My last concern was the following things.

* i grabbed the squeeze bottle soap and soaped the floor. I noticed that there was a thick substance on it. I fear this was semen leftover from a previous customer.

* after touching substance i quickly washed my hands. The thing is that the soapy water ran down all over my body. I rinsed then used the soap to wash my privates. Im worried in the process infected materials from the soap bottle may have been rubbed into my privates opening/ hole.

* i do alot of walking and i tend to get alot of blisters. Indeed, i had a fresh blister that was red and open possibly bleeding. It was located on my ankle about an inch off the floor. Naturally im worried this acted as a pathway for infection either by an opening in my blister or from the soapy foreign materials from the bottle running down my legs into /onto the wound.

* the table have a hole where the genitalia hangs. At one point i was asked to flip over onto my back for the hand relief part. Could anything infect me via cuts on my buttocks, my anus hole or burst pimples?

* does receiving a hand job offer any risk? Specifically cuts on her hand bleeding and getting into my privates.

These questions may seem irrational, and i will get tested at the 12 week mark, but im just so paranoid and stressed. I have a swollen gland under my arm and in searching the net for info and its confusing and contradicts.

thanks for any help!
Hi there,

Thanks for using the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as a source for HIV related information.

I understand that this situation may be stressful. However, let me assure you that none of the activities you mentioned pose any risk for HIV infection. Nonetheless, I do congratulate you on taking ownership of your health by getting tested for HIV and other STIs regularly!

Let me explain to you why each of the activities you mentioned poses no risk for HIV infection. HIV is an extremely weak virus that dies after leaving the human body and becoming exposed to oxygen. HIV transmission requires the flow of certain body fluids with high levels of HIV (e.g. blood, semen, vaginal/rectal secretions) *directly* into the human bloodstream (e.g. through such sites as the vagina or anus). Therefore, there is no risk of infection from any of your mentioned activities since:

1. HIV cannot survive on the floor, on a soap bottle, in water, on any surface of a table, or on a person's hand/skin. This means that 1) handjobs pose *no risk* for HIV infection, 2) you could not have contracted HIV from the floor to your blister, and 3) there is no way HIV could have survived on the massage table before entering your bloodstream through your buttocks, anus, or any pimples/cuts/sores.

2. Even if your masseuse was HIV positive and giving you a handjob with a cut on her hand, HIV transmission would require 1) for her cut to be very deep, fresh, and actively bleeding, 2) for her blood to directly access your bloodstream, and 3) for there to be no exposure to oxygen. Since these conditions were not met, you can be assured that you did not contract HIV from a handjob.

In regards to your swollen glands, there are no clinically defined symptoms of HIV. There is therefore no reason to believe your swollen glands are associated with HIV. However, swollen glands can be an indication of another unrelated health problem. I recommend you see a health professional if the issue persists.

I trust I have addressed your concerns and I hope these answers give you relief from your stress. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us again.

In good health,


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