Thanks a lot guys really appreciate your time and efforts for addressing our concerns.
I am narrating my experience and I really need your inputs on this. I will be really thankful to all of you. I Know it is a lot of text to go through but I have tried my best to include all dates and my symptoms.

On February 14th I kissed my friend for the first time and we DEEP KISSED for a few days. After that I got a terrible sore throat. After this we decided to have sex. My Penis was semi erect when I wore the condom and penetrated into her. Since I wasn't completely erect I stopped and laid down on the bed for a few seconds and after a few seconds I removed the condom which had vaginal fluids. We decided to do it again. While removing the condom I had FLIPPED it around i.e. turned it inside out and then wore it again. Later on I realized that there were VAGINAL FLUIDS on the condom which in turn might have come into CONTACT WITH MY PENIS. Besides that there was no penetration, therefore no sex.

Around second week of March I fell terribly ill. It was like the WORST FEVER EVER. The illness had me bed ridden for 5 days and with medication I was fine by day 6.

Then in April roughly 1st week of April she performed ORAL SEX on me for approximately 2 minutes and I performed oral sex on her for not more than 5 seconds. April I had an upset stomach.

On June 15th I felt one SWOLLEN CERVICAL LYMPH NODE on the left side of my neck. God knows how long it has been there. Not at all painful and not visible. Its presence can be felt only when touched. It is tender.

On 28th June my PHYSICIAN AND ULTRASOUND CONFIRMED a swollen node. But my physician said it was within the swollen range so it is normal. But I had no other sickness around that period. My physician wasn't very helpful and on asking a few questions he ridiculously told me to leave. In June for 2 weeks I had JOINT and MUSCLE PAIN in both elbows and both knows as well as ankles and shoulders and NECK. This pain would last for a few seconds and would kept coming a few times in a day. I never had any night sweats. In July I had an upset stomach. I still have the lymph node in the neck and now I feel a bump near my elbow too.

Anxiety is killing me. From my experience is it possible to contract any infection? Is any test suggested and how reliable is the rapid hiv test? My fear is the vaginal fluids that came in contact with my penis when the condom was flipped and worn again and the oral sex she performed.

I had a rapid insti finger prick test done at 89 days and it came out to be negative. Is the insti finger prick test real? I mean no laboratory testing is involved. Is there any further testing required? Can this be conclusive?

It is great to hear you've contact us, as it sounds like there are a few areas with which we could provide some insight.
I am going to do my best to address your concerns as you've noted them above:

-Please don't reuse condoms in any manner, inside out, right side out or otherwise. This poses a greater risk for tearing and breakage-putting you and your partner at a higher risk of HIV/STI transmission as well as pregnancy. Always use a new, unexpired (find expiry on the back!) condom with each new sexual activity. They definitely can be expensive, this I know! However, free condoms are available everywhere these days, public bathrooms, bars and clubs, sexual health clinics, university, health and community fairs, etc. If you are having trouble finding free condoms in your area, let us know and we will help you track some down.

-Although vaginal fluid can contain HIV (if the person is HIV positive), the virus dies almost immediately once exposed to air, and cannot enter your body through your skin. HIV transmission occurs via the mucous membranes inside the body, during unprotected intercourse and sharing of used needles. Both of these things offer a close quarters, near airtight or airtight environment.

-Tests obtained at or after 12 weeks, 84 days or 3 months is considered completely conclusive by the World Health Organization. Your 89 days, if no other instances of exposure happened in between that 89 days and the time you tested, this finger prick is considered conclusive.

I would urge you to move forward with this, look into the proper use of condoms and where to gather some free ones, and connect with your doctor regarding other causes of your symptoms. It is more likely that you have transmitted a cold or flu virus vs the HIV virus. As well, if these symptoms were being caused by HIV, the virus would certainly have been found in your testing.

Hope this helps to clear things up for you, all the best!




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