Hi, i am going crazy with my mind. I suffer from OCD, obsessive thoughts and it seems that my imagination is unlimited. Here is my problem - about 9-10 years ago (I am f***ed up, I know) i was on a party, while I was going to get a drink or something I've notices a fresh cut that was seriously bleeding (finger). It was not a needle wound, more like a cut , later after cleaning the blood I saw a small cut - about 5-6 mm. Dont know what caused it, I don't remember the moment I got it, all I can remember is that i was standing outside as I left waiting for a cab and blood was literally dripping out of my hand to the sidewalk.

My mind is going crazy, and after such a long time is giving me a hard time. Is there anything I should be worried ? Is it a good thing that after getting cut (accidently or by someone) the wound cleaned itself by all the blood that was being flushed out ?

I am really going paranoid and OCD over it, as my mind gets easily occupied with thoughts of getting something nasty ... and after years I still cant get over this things ... fear of touchnig someone with cuts on hands, going to the dentist and so on ...

sorry for all grammar mistakes as this is not my native language ...

cheers ...
Hi there,

Thank you for choosing AIDS Vancouver for your source of HIV/AIDS related information. It's great to see that you are taking initiative when it comes to your health and well being!

Based on the information you have provided, you are not at risk for HIV. I have attached a chart that I think will clear up any confusion regarding HIV transmission: As you can see, acquiring a cut is not one of the activities listed as posing a risk for HIV transmission. Furthermore, HIV dies upon exposure to oxygen, meaning that you cannot acquire HIV from cutting yourself on an inanimate object.

At this point, if it would help you overcome this fear, you can get tested since your results will be conclusive. I can assure you that you will test negative, considering that you are not at risk. Otherwise, I would strongly encourage you to educate yourself about HIV and HIV transmission (feel free to look through the AIDS Vancouver website). I think this will help you accept the fact that HIV is not an easily transmittable virus - if HIV could be transmitted from visiting the dentist or shaking someone's hand, we would all be HIV positive! I would also advocate that you find support from people you trust in order to overcome your fear of HIV.

At AIDS Vancouver we advocate that all sexually active individuals test for all sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, as part of their health routine. This can be in the form of testing every 3 months, bi-annually, annually or whatever suits their lifestyle.

I hope I have helped alleviate some of your concerns, and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us again!

All the best,



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