hello I have been scared for a while now but me and my girlfriend had sex but we did oral as well i went to her first, however i have chapped/split lips, I did go deep and my tongue was inside, i am worried she might be prone to get something, please can you help us, we are both scared.

i am not prone to getting cold sores and neither is she just split/ chapped lips

i am worried i may have give her something STD/STI/HIV

please i need your help!!

thank you

Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source for HIV/AIDS related information. I am sorry to hear that you have been so worried about this. Let me help you by giving you some [HIV facts](

First, I would like to say that giving oral sex is considered a low risk activity. Receiving oral sex is considered a negligible risk. However, your highest risk for getting HIV and STI's is not from the oral sex but is actually from having penetrative intercourse (vaginal or anal sex). Unprotected sex is considered a high risk activity. Protected sex is considered a low risk activity. I will explain these facts a little further by showing you the HIV transmission equation. To get HIV, you must have all 3 factors present.


---------- -------- ----------------------------
• blood (including menstrual) • unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse • vagina
• semen • sharing needles • anus
• pre-cum • mother to child (in specific cases) • urethra in the penis
• rectal secretions • open cuts and sores (in theory)
• vaginal fluids • other mucosal membranes
• breast milk • points of needle injection
As you can see from the table, the activity you are most considered about, oral sex, does not have all of the factors present. Giving oral sex is considered low risk because it has 2 of the factors present, the exchange of body fluids and access to the blood stream via the mouth. However, please know that the mouth has saliva present which, thankfully, has enzymes that help to breakdown HIV and make it very difficult to transmit. On the other hand, receiving oral sex is considered a negligible risk because it has only one of that factors present, the exchange of body fluids. Negligible means that while there is a risk due to the exchange of body fluids, there have never been any confirmed reports of infection occurring in this manner.

Like giving oral sex, protected sex is considered a low risk activity. In the case of protected sex, you have 2 of the factors present, the exchange of body fluids and penetrative intercourse. However, in this case, the use of a condom provides a barrier, preventing direct access to the bloodstream. AIDS Vancouver recommends the use of a condom and other safe sex practices, like regular testing, to ensure your safety and that of others.

Your high risk for HIV and other STI's, comes from unprotected sex, whether it be anal or vaginal. This activity has all of the factors present for HIV transmission to occur. Having said this, if you did engage in unprotected sex, it would be helpful if you got tested for HIV and other STI's to ensure your status. If you live within the BC, you may look at this website for information on how to [find a test site]( If you live in Canada, please refer to this [clinic finder]( for more information. If you live in the USA, please refer to the [CDC test site locator]( If you are outside of these places, please see you local medical professional for information on how to get tested. Please know that AIDS Vancouver recommends that all sexually active people be tested on a regular basis for all STI's, including HIV.

I hope I have helped to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have anymore questions or refer to the links provided above for more information.

Best wishes,


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