Hi, I had a condom break accident while having sex with another guy. The next day I had diarrhea for about 3 consecutive days, then after about 3 weeks white tongue and sore throat. These symptoms lasted for a week, then lymph nodes started hurting in the throat area, no fever whatsoever. It all calmed down after about a month. I tested with oraquick post 3 months and it came negative.
I really felt good but then noticed that my tongue always felt sore and gums started hurting daily. I did all the necessary tests and all is negative. Now after a year and half, and about 5 more oraquick tests negative, i still have these problems in my mouth with recurring cold sores.
What may be the cause?
Hi there and thank you for reaching out to AIDS Vancouver with your questions! We're happy to help.

You mentioned that all the tests you have taken are at-home, Oraquick tests. Here is some information regarding at-home testing:

As mentioned, Oraquick does not provide conclusive results and is not recommended. If you are looking for conclusive results, you would need to visit a doctor and get a professional test done, such as the 4th Generation EIA or the Rapid Test. It would be a good idea to visit a medical professional to discuss testing options.

In terms of your symptoms: there are no specific symptoms of HIV. In fact, certain individuals may never develop symptoms, and for those who do, most symptoms will go away after a few days, or at most, a couple of weeks. This is why the only way to diagnose HIV is to get tested. Because HIV symptoms mirror so many other viral infections or can be explained by other things, we do not go by symptoms here at AIDS Vancouver. Furthermore, here at AIDS Vancouver, we are not medical professionals and we cannot diagnose your symptoms for you. We are volunteers trained in information relating to HIV transmission and testing, but we are not doctors. If your symptoms are causing you distress, it would be a good idea to consult a health care professional on the matter in order to determine their cause.

I hope I have answered your question, and feel free to contact us with any further concerns.


Sierra, Helpline Volunteer

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Home Testing Oral swab or finger prick blood test. Unknown Home testing is not approved for use in Canada and is not endorsed by AIDS Vancouver. Home testing frequently results in false positives and negatives and does not provide an opportunity for pre- and post-test counselling. |