Hello Team,

3 years ago i got myself entrapped in an unprotected vaginal exposure with CSW back for almost 30 mints. it was one time and first time exposure of my life.

I did HIV 1,2 testing for 4 months it was fine then after 4 months to my exposure i got married to my girlfriend.

Both of us have already gone through a long period of diarrhea for 6 months after the marriage, which is resolved after those 6 months of bearing.

In between those times i went for testing again at 6,9, 10, 12 and 16 month via fourth generation Eclia Test.
then on my 24th month i went for Qualitative PCR it was negative.

My wife is always getting unexplained fever, i never took her for testing as i am scared to tell her about my mistake happened in past before her.

Now at our 3rd year , both of us are having parotid gland issue. our parotid gland is enlarging. I am scared now. I don't know how to respond to my wife whats happening to us.

Please help us.
Hi there and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline. My name is Colin and I'm happy to answer your questions today.

I understand you are concerned about the possibility of HIV being the cause of enlarged Parotid glands in both you and your wife after having multiple HIV tests. I hope the information I can provide will help put your mind at ease.

Right away, from the timeline and situation you've described above, it does not seem possible that HIV is the cause of any symptoms either you or your wife have been experiencing. The 4th Generation Test is the most modern, sensitive, and accurate test commonly available today and most HIV specialists including the WHO consider its results to be considered conclusive 6 weeks post-exposure. Even the most conservative guidelines consider this test's results to be conclusive at or after 3 months (84 days; 12 weeks). Given this information and the timeline you've given above, every single test you've taken would be considered conclusive and all have had a negative results. Congratulations! This means you do not have HIV!

If you or your wife have been experiencing other symptoms in the meantime, they are not attributable to HIV you may have acquired with a CSW before your marriage. If you are continuing to feel unwell, I would encourage you to seek out medical help to treat your symptoms as they come, but given the number of conclusively negative test results you have had, your symptoms are not a result of HIV.

I hope the information I was able to provide today can help put your mind at ease. Feel free to post again if you'd like any more information or clarification.

All the best,


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