Hi, about 3 weeks ago I had a massage with a happy ending, I also rimmed her for about 5 seconds. She also provided a body slide on my back. Would any of these be a risk for hiv? and would you suggest testing based on this experience?
Hi there, thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver helpline with your HIV related questions/concerns. We're happy to help!

I am not completely certain what you're referring to when you state "Happy Ending" From my understanding that refers to a handjob so I will outline the risk factors for that and the other activities you indicated, then give you some further information on other activities.

Receiving a hand job, which is non-insertive masturbation is a No Risk activity. This is because there's no exchange of bodily fluids. Further, even if there were bodily fluids present on the hand, it would still be a no risk activity due to the nature of HIV. HIV is a delicate virus, which means that once it's outside of the body (such as on the surface of the hand) and exposed to the general environment, it becomes damaged and inactivated, and can no longer be passed on.

Rimming, considered to be oral sex, is considered to be a Low Risk activity. what this means is that although there have been a few reports of infection attributed to these activities, they're usually under certain identifiable conditions. In this case, a condition could be if you had recently had major dental surgery that left major wounds in your mouth. The mouth is not commonly a source of infection, due to the protective factors in place such as enzymes in saliva that break down bacteria and viruses.

Body sliding on your back would be a No Risk activity because there would be no exchange for bodily fluids to occur. There would be no where that HIV could enter your bloodstream without some sort of penetration occurring. Even if you had cuts on your body, this still wouldn't be a risk because in order for a cut to provide direct access to the bloodstream, it must be severe, such as a wound that is gushing blood or requires immediate medical attention such as stitches.

Overall, from what I understand of your description, your risk level in this situation is very low, so testing may not be warranted specifically for this situation. That being said, we encourage all sexually active individuals to get regular HIV/STI testing as part of their sexual health maintenance, so this may be an option! Additionally, if you're feeling concerned, then a quick HIV test is the only way to be certain. Tests start to show accurate results around 95% within 4-6 weeks, and are considered conclusive at 12 weeks post exposure.

Finally, I just want to note that if penetrative sex did occur, it is considered a Low Risk if a condom was used, and a High Risk activity if it was unprotected sex.

I hope this helped you, and please feel free to check out our website or for more helpful information!



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