Dear Sirs/Madam,

I am 28 years old Male: I try to give a full history about my situation. i try to go to the details:

DAY 00 : A
bout 4 month and 2 weeks ago i had unprotected oral sex (for about 15 minutes) + vaginal penetration + protected vaginal intercourse (for about 4 minutes). The next day i started to feel nervous about what i did and i was very stressed.
DAY 02 : night sweat (Just that one night) + Loss of appetite (for about 5 weeks)
DAY 04 : muscle and joint pain in arms, feet, neck and swelling of arm's muscles (for about 4 weeks)
DAY 12 : White tongue and a discomfortable taste in my mouth which is persistent till now!!! (it's now about 4 month). although i was/am a daily smoker (20 cigarettes a day) but i never had this before!
DAY 12 : sore throat + nose run (for two weeks)
DAY 15 : Pain in the lymph nodes (neck, under the jaw and groin area) and swelling of lymph nodes (they were not like the pictures i see in the internet and there is no sking color change around them) - (i don't know if this was because i was so stressed that i touched them regularly or not!) (it all took about 1 month)
Day 70 till now : sensitive skin + itching all over body
Day 80 : some rashes on the dorsal of both hands (each hand about 5 to 6)
Day 100: abdominal pain + under the jaw & groin area lymph nodes pain come and goes till now

now i try to explain the tests i had till now:
Day 04 : HIV 1,2 antibody Elisa Test ------------------- negative
Day 31 (Week 4) : HIV 1,2 antibody Elisa Test ------------------- negative
HbsAg, HBsAb, HCV ------------------------------------------ negative
Day 42 (Week 6) : HIV 1,2 antibody Elisa Test ------------------- negative
Day 60 (Week 9) : HIV 1,2 antibody Elisa Test ------------------- negative
Day 85 (Week 12) : HIV 1,2 Elisa + P24 COMBO test ------------------- negative
Day 125 (Week 16) : HIV 1,2 antibody Elisa Test ------------------- negative

+++ I had 2 complete CBC BLOOD TEST:
The first after 9 weeks:
W.B.C=9400 - Plateletes=130000 - POLY(neut)=73% - LYMPH=23% - MONO=3% - EOS=1%
And the second one after 16 weeks:
W.B.C=7700 - Plateletes=139000 - POLY(neut)=68% - LYMPH=30% - MONO=1% - EOS=1%

question 1 : I visited 5 different "Infectious Disease Specialist" 3 of them told me not to worry and two of them told me to wait for 6 month test and even 12 month test! based on the information about the hiv tests I did and more importantly CBC Blood tests (the reduction of WBC cells on the 2nd test and somehow low lymph % counts) Can take it all as NEGATIVE ?

question 2 : As my doctors orders i used oral nystatin (+ tavanex tablets for 10 days) for my white tongue and there was no change back to normal tongue. If the tests are conclusive, then what is the reason of my never going white tongue (as i said i never ecperienced it before!) and the other come and going symptoms?

question 3: yesterday I woke up and there was lots of small red dots all over my left hand (except the palm) and i was scared to death that it was never happened before! and went away, but not completely because as i look closely there is still trails of them on my left hand skin? (I took a fluconazol tablet the day before, can it be the cause of this? if yes, why only on one hand?!)

question 4 : should I really wait for 12 month to have my complete and final results?

please help me. because I'm still fully stressed and can't even enjoy a second of my life with all these thoughts and stuff. I'm losing my job, self destructing my self (if its not already destructed!) and begging for a help to ease my mind.

I just hope and pray for a world with no HIV or any other incurable diseases...

Thanks for your kind support and waiting for your soon reply

With regards,
Hi Ali,

Thank you for reaching out to AIDS Vancouver, I'm happy to address your concerns.

It sounds like you're struggling a lot right now, and I'm here to to discuss your personal situation and how it's negatively effecting your life. You are not alone in this, Ali. I hope to reduce your feelings of fear or worry as we assess your risk.

You've been experiencing a lot of symptoms, and although they may resemble HIV symptoms, we cannot diagnose cases of HIV based on symptoms. Why? Because HIV symptoms are very similar to other viral infections, and the only way to know your true HIV status, is through testing. If you are continuing to experience these symptoms that are affecting your health in a negative way, I would suggest partnering up with your local healthcare provider or doctor, and getting diagnoses on all of your symptoms.

It's great to see that you've taken the initiative to test multiple times. We here at AIDS Vancouver use the guidelines set by the BC Centre of Disease Control, which states that HIV tests are considered to be conclusive at 12 weeks (84 days). This is because the probability,or the chance, of your HIV status changing after 12 weeks is very rare. 95% of infections are detectable within 4-6 weeks.

Answers to your specific questions:

1. Since test results are considered to be conclusive at 12 weeks, your last test result (at 16 weeks) resulting negative, is considered to be conclusive. The ELISA test is 99.8% accurate, so you should feel confident in your HIV status as negative. For your own peace of mind, you could do follow-up testing at 6 months and again at a year, but it is not necessary as your conclusive results are negative. Congratulations, my friend!

2. As stated before, unfortunately here at the AIDS Vancouver helpline, we cannot diagnose symptoms. Please talk about your symptoms with your doctor or local hospital doctors.

3. Many medications have side-effects, please talk about your symptoms on your one hand with your doctor.

4. As stated before, you don't need to wait one year for your conclusive results.. they are already conclusive.

We are all working towards living in a world where HIV is no longer stigmatized, and where those living with HIV feel empowered to live their best life. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you learned something new today, and hopefully feel a little relieved as well. If you have any more questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. All the best,


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