i have some problem that make my life hell. 8 weeks ago i had a sex with a call girl. it was protected oral sex and protected vaginal sex. But during sexual intercourse some part of my penis touch her vagina. After ejaculation girl removed my condom (i think not in a proper way). this was my 1st ever sex experience.And the next day I visit a massage parlor and girl give me a handjob without condom.and i sucked his nipples.At that time i was already having flue. After 2 weeks i got flue again but i have not noticed because my room mate was already in flue condition so i consider it from him. but now after one month i have some stomach problem. and it was like something stuck in my throat like some gass. and also i have some stomach upset. after 2 days i visited a doctor. and he gave me some medicines and told me that i have acid reflux. sometime i think i have hiv anxiety . i check all day hiv symptoms because i think i have hiv. Now its more then 8 weeks and my stomach is upset . Specially after these medicines i have lose stool.. Stomach pain in right upper side of the abdominal. .Then i again visit the doctor and he told me that i have IBS. I cant explain how much anxiety i have .. Now I have more anxiety of hepatitis and hiv both. Please tell me how much risk i have from these activities. handjob , protected vaginal sex but shaft of penis touches her vagina. and nipple sucking.?
Hi there,

Thanks for using the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as a source for HIV related information.

I'm sorry that you are experiencing anxiety related to HIV. Let me first explain to you the necessary conditions for HIV transmission.

HIV transmission requires all of the following:

1. Body fluids containing high levels of HIV, e.g. blood, semen, and vaginal/rectal secretions,

2. A high-risk activity, e.g. unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse or the sharing of needles,

3. Direct access into the bloodstream, e.g. through the vagina, anus, mucus membranes, or points of needle injection, and

4. A controlled environment, which means no exposure to air. HIV is an extremely weak virus that dies once outside of the body and exposed to air. Sites such as the vagina or anus are considered controlled environments where the virus can be transmitted and can grow, whereas hands or the skin or not since they are fully exposed to air.

Now let me explain the risk levels of your three mentioned activities.

1. Handjobs pose no risk for HIV transmission. HIV can only be transferred from human to human, not from human to hand/skin to human. The hands and skin are fully exposed to air, which kills the virus before transmission can occur.

2. Nipple sucking poses no risk for HIV transmission. Nipple sucking does not involve any body fluid containing high levels of HIV and it does not offer direct access to the bloodstream. In addition, the nipples are fully exposed to air and therefore cannot sustain the growth or transmission of HIV.

3. Protected vaginal sex is a low risk activity. Condoms are the best way to protect yourself against HIV/other STIs, so I congratulate you on using a condom during both oral and vaginal sex. However, unprotected vaginal sex is a high risk activity. Since the shaft of your penis touched her vagina, there was a risk for transmission since all 4 of the above risk factors (body fluid with high levels of HIV, high risk activity, direct access to the bloodstream, and controlled environment) were met. Therefore, I recommend that you get tested at 12 weeks post-exposure (or 4 weeks from now, as your post indicates). The World Health Organization guidelines state that all HIV test results are considered conclusive at 12 weeks or 84 days post-exposure. In addition, we here at AIDS Vancouver recommend that all sexually active people get tested for HIV/STIs regularly as part of their personal healthcare program. Therefore, I am recommending an HIV/STI test for your overall health.

Let me also inform you that HIV does not have any clinically defined symptoms. This means that while some people do experience a flu-like illness 2-6 weeks post-infection, some do not experience *any* symptoms at all. Therefore, I cannot confirm that the symptoms you've described are related to HIV. However, it appears your doctor has already diagnosed your symptoms as being related to acid reflux and IBS. It seems to me that you are having a hard time accepting that your symptoms are due to illnesses/causes other than HIV. I recommend that when you go for HIV/STI testing, you talk to your healthcare professional about your HIV-related anxiety. All testing sites have excellent medical professionals who can help you through your anxiety and stress, and who can also refer you to counselling if you stand to benefit from it.

Finally, let me assure you that commercial sex workers (as we here at AIDS Vancouver like to call them, not "call girls" or any other demeaning term) are at no higher risk for being HIV positive than any other given person. HIV does not discriminate based on occupation, age, gender, or sexuality. Instead, it is the *activity itself* that determines risk level for HIV transmission.

I trust I have addressed your concerns. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

In good health,


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