i've been exposed to unprotected sex april 20 2015.
my 1st test is after 2 weeks with a result of negative
my 2nd test is after 4 weeks with a result of negative (using HIV test kid look like pregnancy test, not sure if it was RAPID HIV TEST)
my question is, do i have a high chance of getting negative result in the 3rd month?
im still feeling anxious about my self and my family, i dont know if i see related symptoms or not.
the doctor told me also that im positive to gonorrhea or chlamydia.
im not sure if that muscle ache from my heels and the cracking of bones in every part of my body most of the time is caused by that STI.

another questions
1. HIV symptoms do occur one at a time or all at the same time?
2. does HIV rash occur one by one or lots of it?

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting our Helpline for HIV related information.

I can see that you are feeling anxious for yourself and your family because of a high risk exposure to HIV. We are happy to help answer your questions, and I hope this can decrease your anxiety.

In general, all HIV antibody tests are conclusive after 3 months, but they are 95% accurate at 4-6 weeks. The test you took at 2 weeks was likely too early to detect antibodies, but the test you took at 4 weeks has about a 95% chance of being accurate. However, we do *not* recommend at-home rapid tests, because they can sometimes be less accurate and don't offer the opportunity of a health care professional to interpret the results with you. It is much better to go to a clinic or your doctor for a test.

A little word about "related symptoms": HIV *cannot be diagnosed by symptoms*. The acute infection can sometimes cause symptoms, usually flu-like, at 2-6 weeks, lasting for 8-10 days. These are very non-specific and can be caused by many other things, so testing is the only way to know your status. I would recommend talking to your doctor about the symptoms you are feeling, and getting a follow up HIV test at 3 months. You could also get a test before 3 months, and then just get another one to confirm at 3 months.

To answer your other 2 questions; HIV symptoms vary greatly between different people. Some people get flu-like symptoms, or a rash, and some do not get symptoms at all. There is no specific pattern for how they look and how they occur.

Feel free to visit our RIsk Assessment Chart if your are interested in how HIV is transmitted:
You can also visit for more information about other STIs including HIV.

I hope I have addressed your concerns. Feel free to contact us again through our forums, email, or phone line if you have further questions.



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