I had sex with a prostitute on 1st July 2018 with condom and it didnt break. and on the 3rd July I had a stomach pain which resulted to frequent stool (like 5 times) within 2hrs and it stopped after the stooling. After that I started having headache for about 5 days. And I noticed that my weight was reduced by 1.5kg to 2kg. I did hiv test about 4 days later it was negative and I did another one on 9th of July and it came negative, I still did another one on 16th July and it was negative but before the test on 16th July I learnt there is a test called rna hiv that can detect virus within 1 week of possible exposure and I did the RNA test on 11th July but I have not gotten the result yet.
My worry is that when I was having sex with the girl I felt a kind of cold on the surface of my body where I had a small rash so I was afraid if it was her fluid that touched that part of my body that made me feel the coldness. I begged the girl to go for test and she did, hers was negative but I am still worried because I still have chills and I emaciated a little. I am thinking maybe the girl just contaced the infection few days or weeks back before I met her which made her to still test negative and with the fact that she's a prostitute made me worry much because I know she must have met several men before I met her.

Pls how long does it take the RNA hiv test to come out and can I trust the result. My exposure was on 1st July and the blood sample for RNA hiv test was taken on 11th July 2018.

I do have nausea when I eat and I do have loss of appetite too.
Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about the RNA test you received on July 11th, following the exposure you had on July 1st. The RNA test you likely received, having been tested in a short period following your exposure is likely the Pooled RNA NAAT aka "Early Test". If indeed this is the test you received, the "Early Test" is used to detect viral RNA in blood of individuals who do not have detectable antibody levels yet. This test is generally used in a window period of 10-12 days post exposure. Due to the short window period between exposure to testing, this test is not considered to be 100% conclusive.

We recommend speaking to a physician about receiving another test at 12 weeks post exposure as most HIV tests can be considered conclusive at 12 weeks.

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